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Technology Scouting Services

Technology scouting is a process of analyzing and finding a way from the available information to predict and build a new technology with the purpose of strengthening the company’s patent portfolio. To adapt to the technological evolution, the company must innovate regularly to remain at the top of the pyramid.  

Continuous research and development are required to investigate alternative solutions to existing problems or to find a new technological solution.  

The primary objective of the technology scouting process is to analyze the characteristic parameters or challenges of technology, locate all possible solutions to the challenges, and analyze the feasibility of the solutions to the challenges in line with a company’s internal capabilities. 

TT Consultants has been involved in projects associated with technology scouting. We have extremely qualified domain experts with higher degree holders having experience analyzing a wide range of technologies, collaborations, and licensing opportunities.  

Further, we also have an AI / ML powered in-house repository for automatic analysis and extraction of relevant data with a one-step solution. 

Challenges Faced While Conducting Technology Benchmarking & Scouting

Non-availability of a single-point search engine for Scouting​

No integration with recent AL & ML-based analysis technologies_

No integration with recent AL & ML-based analysis technologies​

cost of manual analysis

Higher cost for Manual analysis

Resource identification

Resource identification for connection and collaboration

Devoting time and resource for scouting_

Devoting time and resources to scouting 

maintenance of portfolio

Maintenance of portfolios

Availability of domain research experts

Availability of domain research experts with the right skillset

Predicting the Market, Business, and Investment risk 

Lack of availability of technology monitoring and alerting system _

Lack of availability of technology monitoring and alerting system

Our Services

Technology benchmarking & scouting and identifying promising technology

An enterprise is continuously innovating and expanding to achieve growth and success. Before planning the expansion, an enterprise must overcome the challenges and evaluate the internal and external strengths and weaknesses corresponding to the zone. 

The technology/patent scouting services help and guide the company to prevent future investment loss. To avoid such huge losses, we analyze the evolution of technology over the years and provide an effective insight regarding the promising technologies having growth opportunities. 

We here at TT consultants, provide effective insights relating to the identification of promising technology and its branches, its evolution over the years along with the pioneers, competitors' activity, market and business intelligence with the anticipation of the enterprise’s growth. 

Further, we have created an AI/ML powered Tool as a one click solution for finding the relevant information. 

Triz based approach​

Generally, an enterprise constantly tries to improve product efficiency. The improvement process takes place by overcoming the existing challenges that a product is facing. While working on the improvement process, some companies may not achieve the desired result as expected. 

TT Consultants provides feasible solutions for the challenges faced by industries using a Triz-based approach. We perform reverse engineering and fragment technologies into different segments or challenges followed by an investigation of solutions in the cross domains as well. 

Furthermore, the offered solutions are analyzed from a feasibility perspective so that there are high chances of practical implementation within the industry. 

Potential resource identification​

A company’s R&D Team continuously innovates to enhance the quality of the products and processes for dominating the industry. 

In some cases, the R&D Team may depend on the external resource for knowledge and innovation relating to the alternative feasible solutions for the challenges. 

We at TT consultants provide guidance for licensing or buying opportunities such as patent scouting through a list of potential external resources like individuals, universities, research institutes, and SMEs having IP protection for the solution. 

We use our XLSCOUT Tool for analyzing the IP activity in a technology and creating a list of promising external resources for collaborations in an effective way. 


Our Methodology

(Technology Scouting Process)

Explore, analyze, and identify the feasible opportunities for growth and expansion of the business and IP Portfolio.  

We provide an in-depth search approach to identify potential prospects for the research and development through merger and collaboration.

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Our Methodology

  • Potential Licensee Explorer provides expert analysis on which portfolio competitors will be interested

    Understanding the requirements and devising a search strategy

  • Hybrid Essentiality Check backed with Subject matter expert analysisтАЛ

    Discovering the feasible solutions for the challenges

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Accessing the technology gaps and whitespace analysis​

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Locating the promising area and analysing the associated opportunities and threats​

  • Color coded Claim Chart Mapping for potential blockers_

    Evaluating the market and business intelligence in the promising arena​

  • AI-Driven First Cut Analysis of the collated comprehensive patent dataset to a competitor company

    Uncovering the mergers and collaborations between existing resources and technology transfers

  • Identifying the availability of potential resources for collaborations

Why TT Consultants?

Skilled in the usage of patent and non-patent databases using various technology scouting platforms.

30+ Technology and Industry expertise

Dedicated Technical team and Market research team with 15+ years of experience

Proprietary Technology Monitoring, patent scouting and alert system fueled by XLSCOUT.

Hybrid approach for identifying technology gaps and the grey areas in whitespace analysis

Triz based matrix approach for discovering feasible solutions to the challenges

Highlighting the list of potential resources for creating collaboration through licensing and buying IP

Highly skilled experts having in depth technical knowledge

Providing Techno Commercial Analysis

In-house Prepared repository for Technology scouting, company, and competitor intelligence

Ability to analyze Patents, Non-Patent Literature, Market, Business, and Commercial Products

Clients Testimonials

Quality Projects Executed
Years of Experience

Impact Stories


Blogs on Technology Scouting

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Technology Scouting is an exhaustive process of analysing the existing Intellectual Property and commercial market resource for identifying a new feasible way to build a portfolio.​

The major problems are identifying feasible solutions, identifying list of potential collaboration resources, lack of knowledge for performing Scouting activity and lack of available tools.​

The cost for performing technology scouting ranges between few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars, depending upon the client’s requirement and complexity of the domain. The technology scouting report is customisable based on the requirement of the client.​

An enterprise with an intension to expand their business in a new area, an enterprise planning to enhance the product quality would request for scouting.

Technology scouting is generally performed by the hybrid approach of manual analysis and automatic analysis by the tool.

One such tool is XLSCOUT – In house developed repository powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Approach for obtaining relevant IP scouting data in a single place.

Scouting analysis is performed by segmenting the technology of interest into sub technologies, characteristics and applications.

Further the process proceeds with analysing, mapping and performing analytics for the segmented IP and Non IP knowledges to obtain information relating to technology evolution, competitor analysis, technological gap, opportunities for growth and available list of potential resources or collaboration's.


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