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At TT Consultants, we’re in the business of transforming your innovations into high-quality patent applications. Our exceptional patent drafting & illustrations services are designed to serve inventors across the globe. Our hybrid approach that combines AI & LLM-based XLSCOUT technology with manual expertise, ensures that the drafted patent applications cater to your unique needs, facilitate smooth patent prosecution, and provide the desired scope of protection for your invention. 

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Our Methodology

Why Choose TT Consultants For Patent Drafting &​ Illustrations​ Services
  • TTC has an experienced team of patent attorneys, patent agents, Ex-USPTO examiners, subject matter experts, and engineers to provide patent search and patent application drafting services.  
  • Expertise in drafting of patents across domains – software, electronics, communication, mechanical, life sciences, etc.  
  • Drafting & prosecution support through multiple-level reviews by patent agents and patent attorneys (in filing countries) 
  • 1000+ patent applications drafted till date  
  • All-in-one service for patent application drafting, illustrations, and patent filing services  
  • Patent drafting & filing services at optimized cost as per client requirements  
  • Work model adjustable as per client/case requirements  
  • Quick turnaround time  
  • Specialized patent drafters & illustrators with knowledge of the US, EP, WO & other countries’ regulations/compliances  

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Draft a Patent Application 

Create High-Quality Patent Illustrations 

Ensure Comprehensive Patent Coverage 

Maximize the Value of Your Invention 

Draft a Patent Application 

Create High-Quality Patent Illustrations 

Ensure Comprehensive Patent Coverage 

Maximize the Value of Your Invention 

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Expert Patent Drafters & Illustrators with Technical and Legal Expertise

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High-Quality Patent Applications & Illustrations that Clearly Represent Your Invention

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Patent Writing for Comprehensive Patent Coverage for Maximum Protection

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Maximizing the Value of Your Invention through High Quality Patent Applications

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Are claims required in both provisional and non-provisional patent applications?

Claims are not essential when preparing a provisional application during drafting patent processes. For non-provisional applications—whether a fresh patent application drafting and filing or based upon an existing provisional—claims become mandatory. 

Drafting patent claims is vital for non-provisional applications to meet legal standards and ensure protection.  

Though not essential, it’s often advantageous to introduce a broad model claim in a provisional application, as it might define the scope of protection in some jurisdictions, ensuring proficient patent preparation. 


Is it necessary to first file a provisional patent application?

Initiating the patent writing journey with a provisional application is not mandatory. Inventors and entities can directly engage in drafting patent applications and submit a non-provisional application to the patent office. 

However, a provisional application does serve in securing a priority date while allowing inventors time to make changes to or refine the invention, facilitating the drafting of patent applications with enhanced precision and foresight. 

What is patent application drafting, and how can TT Consultants help with it?

Patent application drafting involves drafting of patent document which is detailed and comprehensive and describes an invention and its unique aspects to secure patent protection. TT Consultants offers professional complete patent application filing services which include patent writing services, patent drawing services, and patent filing services. to assist inventors and businesses in preparing high quality patent applications that meet legal requirements and maximize the chances of patent approval. 

What does the process of drafting a patent application involve?

Drafting a patent application involves describing the invention’s technical details, novelty, and inventive aspects in a clear and concise manner. TT Consultants specializes in drafting patent applications, crafting well-written descriptions, claims, and illustrations that enhance the application’s chances of successful approval. 

Can I have a single patent draft for filing in multiple countries?​

Although the invention disclosure and the protection sought therein might remain constant across multiple nations, a single patent application drafting can indeed be filed in various countries. However, modifications in the patent application draft may be necessitated to align with the prevalent rules and regulations of a particular country, an aspect where efficient patent drafting & filing services become paramount. 

Can I include an improvement to my invention in my patent application?

When a patent application is filed, no new matter is allowed to be added to the application. However, the improvement can be filed in the form of a CIP (Continuation-In-Part) or Patent of Addition. 

How does TT Consultants ensure high-quality patent applications through patent writing services?

Ensuring high-quality patent applications is paramount at TT Consultants. Our adept team blends expertise in patent writing and technical know-how to draft applications that are not only comprehensive but also conform to all regulatory and legal standards, optimizing the chances of swift patent approval. 

How integral is AI in TT Consultants’ approach to patent drafting & filing services?

AI plays a crucial role in our patent drafting & filing services, particularly through our AI & LLM-based XLSCOUT. Employing AI accelerates the patent filing services, ensuring accuracy and creating a robust application by identifying and aligning with global patent filing stipulations, thus offering an innovative patent filing service that is both efficient and reliable. 

What distinguishes TT Consultants’ patent drawing services, and how is LLM and Generative AI utilized in the patent application drafting tool?

TT Consultants elevates patent drawing services by meticulously ensuring each drawing precisely and comprehensively represents your invention. With our use of cutting-edge technological tools for creating detailed and compliant patent drawings, we stand distinct in adherence to regulatory and legal guidelines across various jurisdictions.  

Furthermore, we employ a specialized LLM and Generative AI-based patent application drafting tool. This innovative approach ensures that patent applications are not only crafted with the utmost precision and quality but also embody the intricate technicalities and novelty of your invention, thereby safeguarding your intellectual property optimally across varied global jurisdictions including the US, EP, and WO.

What strategic approach does TT Consultants undertake in drafting patent claims effectively?

When it comes to drafting patent claims, our seasoned patent attorneys and agents employ a strategic methodology that intertwines legal acumen with technological insights, ensuring that claims are not only solidly structured but also resilient against possible rejections and oppositions, safeguarding your invention comprehensively. 

Can you detail the depth and breadth of expertise in TT Consultants’ patent preparation and drafting patent applications?

Our expertise in patent preparation and drafting patent applications is broad and multifaceted, encompassing numerous domains like software, electronics, communication, and life sciences. TT Consultants nurtures a multidisciplinary team of experts, ensuring that your patent applications are not only meticulously drafted but also inherently aligned with your invention’s technical and inventive aspects, thereby fortifying your patent’s defensive and offensive capabilities. 

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