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We offer exceptional Patent Drafting & Illustrations Services for inventors globally. Our hybrid approach of AI & LLM-based XLSCOUT and manual expertise ensures detailed patent applications that meet your specific needs, enabling hassle-free patent prosecution and desired scope of protection for your invention.

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  • TTC has an experienced team of patent attorneys, patent agents, Ex-USPTO examiners, subject matter experts, and engineers to provide patent search and drafting services. 
  • Expertise in all kinds of domains – software, electronics, communication, mechanical, life sciences, etc. 
  • Multiple-level reviews by patent agents and patent attorneys (in filing countries) 
  • 1000+ patent applications drafted till date 
  • All-in-one service for patent application drafting, illustrations, and patent filing services 
  • Optimized cost as per client requirements 
  • Work model adjustable as per client/case requirements 
  • Quick turnaround time 
  • Specialized patent draftsman & illustrators with knowledge of the US, EP, WO & other countries’ regulations/compliances 

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Are claims required in both provisional and non-provisional patent applications?

Claims are not essential while preparing a provisional application. Claims are essential in the case of preparing a fresh non-provisional application and when filing a non-provisional application based on an existing provisional application.

Though not essential, it can be beneficial to include a broad model claim in a provisional application as in some jurisdictions, a model claim may set the scope of protection. ​

Is it necessary to first file a provisional patent application?

Filing a provisional application is not necessary. Applicants can directly file a non-provisional application with the patent office.

A Provisional application does help to secure a priority date while allowing inventors time to make changes to or refine the invention.

What is patent drafting, and how can TT Consultants help with it?

Patent drafting involves creating a detailed and comprehensive document that describes an invention and its unique aspects to secure patent protection. TT Consultants offers professional patent drafting services to assist inventors and businesses in preparing accurate and effective patent applications that meet legal requirements and maximize the chances of patent approval. 

What does the process of drafting a patent application involve?

Drafting a patent application involves describing the iRnvention’s technical details, novelty, and inventive aspects in a clear and concise manner. TT Consultants specializes in drafting patent applications, crafting well-written descriptions, claims, and illustrations that enhance the application’s chances of successful approval. 

Can I have a single patent draft for filing in multiple countries?​

The invention disclosure and the protection sought by the invention may be the same for multiple countries. 


A single draft can be filed in different countries. In some cases, for filing an application in different countries, the draft may need to be modified based on the current Rules and regulations of that country. 

Can I include an improvement to my invention in my patent application?

When a patent application is filed, no new matter is allowed to be added to the application. However, the improvement can be filed in the form of a CIP (Continuation-In-Part) or Patent of Addition. 

Can I include color images to show my invention better?

Different countries have different rules regarding the preparation of drawings. Generally, black and white images with different views are preferred in the case of a new device or apparatus. 

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