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Our Methodology

Patent Portfolio Commercialization

Our Methodology

Why Choose TT Consultants For Patent Portfolio Commercialization Services?
  • AI & LLM-Driven First Cut Analysis of the collated comprehensive patent dataset to a competitor company and its subsidiaries.  
  • Quick ranking of all the patents in the target firm’s portfolio.  
  • Comparative statistical analysis and in-depth patent portfolio analysis. 
  • Identification of patent commercialization strategies, associated risks, and potential IP infringements. 
  • Expert analysis on potential portfolio investments by competitors and incorporation of your vision  
  • Customized analytics and interactive charts based on taxonomy and geographical distribution  

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Looking to:

Assess and capitalize on your patent portfolio.

Maximize the value of your intellectual property assets 

Pinpoint potential licensing and monetization opportunities

Assess and capitalize on your patent portfolio.

Maximize the value of your intellectual property assets 

Pinpoint potential licensing and monetization opportunities

Benefit from TT Consultants' Patent Portfolio Commercialization Services
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AI & LLM-assisted Proprietary Platform XLSCOUT complemented with human expertise

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Comprehensive analysis of your patent portfolio for commercialization potential

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-Identification of valuable patents and technologies

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Evaluation of licensing opportunities and potential revenue streams

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What is patent portfolio commercialization?​

Patent Commercialization is an analysis of a patent portfolio of a particular firm that reveals graphs and patent rankings based on future trends and insights.  

Portfolio Commercialization report is a concise document on patent future trends and helps you in managing your assets for generating revenue by licensing and creating commercial patent pools.  

Portfolio Commercialization reports typically focus on the portfolio of a single firm.  

What are the benefits of performing patent portfolio commercialization?
  • Identify potential infringers for your patent portfolio.​
  • Identify potential buyers for licensing portfolio.​
  • Identifying patent pool.​
  • Determining commercialization of patented inventions.
  • Monitoring the portfolio and market trends helps in making acquisition and collaboration decisions. ​
  • Enhance your company’s value among investors.​
  • Creates opportunities for cross-licensing.​
  • Diversify your IP assets to minimize risk.​
  • Identify potential In-licensing and Out-licensing opportunities.
What are the key steps in conducting patent portfolio commercialization?
  • Ranking and categorization based on the likelihood of infringement.​
  • Detailed analysis of EOU.​
  • Drafting customized claim charts.​

Who should track patents portfolio?​

Companies, R & D Managers, Patent attorneys, strategy makers, and IP counselors should keep an eye on their competitor’s patent activity. 

This monitoring of the patent’s activity helps in identifying the technical area being focused on by your competitor. 

What types of companies can benefit from patent portfolio commercialization?

Patent portfolio commercialization may benefit businesses of all sizes and sectors, from startups to large multinationals. Any corporation with a large number of patents can benefit from commercialization. 

How does patent portfolio commercialization help firms generate revenue?

Firms can license their patents to other firms for a fee or utilize their patents to generate new products and services through patent portfolio commercialization. This generates revenue for the organization and gives it a competitive advantage in the market. 

What is Patdigger and how does it help in patent portfolio commercialization efforts?

 Patdigger is a powerful web-based patent search engine designed to enhance patent portfolio commercialization. It empowers you with comprehensive patent analysis, aiding in identifying opportunities, potential infringements, and strategic partnerships. 

Which factors should be taken into account while deciding which patents to commercialize?

Companies should evaluate a variety of variables when deciding which patents to commercialize, including market demand, patent strength, the competitive environment, and prospective revenue. 

How does a patent commercialization report differ from a typical patent infringement analysis?

A patent commercialization report is specifically tailored to showcase how patents can be leveraged for business gains, from licensing opportunities to market expansion strategies. While typical patent infringement analysis might provide a technical overview or infringements, a commercialization report delves into the potential monetary benefits and strategic market positioning of the patents. 

Can a patent commercialization strategy be developed for startups?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a startup or a multinational, a patent commercialization strategy is crucial. For startups, this strategy can aid in identifying licensing opportunities, potential partnerships, and even attracting investors by showcasing the monetary potential of their intellectual property. 

How often should businesses reevaluate their commercialization of patents?

The commercialization of patents should be an ongoing process. Given the dynamic nature of markets, technological advancements, and competitive landscapes, it’s recommended to reevaluate and adjust your patent commercialization strategies annually, or even more frequently if significant market shifts occur. 

What are the primary components of a patent commercialization report?

A patent commercialization report typically includes a thorough analysis of the patent(s) in question, market trends, potential licensing or selling opportunities, infringement risks, and revenue potential. It also offers strategic recommendations on how to monetize and leverage the patent(s) for business growth. 

How does patent commercialization strategy aid in competitive positioning?

A well-crafted patent commercialization strategy allows businesses to identify potential market gaps, new revenue streams, and licensing opportunities. By understanding how to monetize and strategically position their patents, businesses can gain a competitive edge, deter competitors from entering their space, and potentially create new partnerships and revenue channels. 

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