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TT Consultants’ Landscape Analysis  provides insight into the innovations that gives a complete overview based on a very unique and valuable perspective on any specific technology. It provides a better overview of the available opportunities and potential threats. 

Technology Landscape

TTC Landscape analysis report provides comprehensive analysis with graphical visualizations report that reveal technology & patenting activity and ownerships. This Landscape Analysis is  based on the patents and technical papers available and access to paid databases for a specified field of technology.

Discover Your Next Move With TT Consultants Interactive Dynamic Patent Maps. Get an evidence-based growth strategy that will help to gain significant market share and a stronger position in the innovation battle.

Patent Landscape

Patent landscape reports help to forecast the upcoming boom in the industry and are designed to support critical decision-making with a data-driven approach. These searches have intrinsic use in the research stage of a product.

Landscape Analysis- TT Consultants

TTC’s hybrid landscape approach is a combination of our human expertise and AI-ML technologies for patent and market landscaping

XLSCOUT module Landscaper helps us to start a landscape search and analysis. The subsequent manual search on third-party databases makes the search and analysis more accurate and comprehensive. The landscaper tool also acts as a dashboard to visualize the patent data obtained from a landscape search.


We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • Technology assessment and Whitespace analysis

  • Scouting collaboration avenues between universities and companies

  • Technology gap assessment

  • Opportunity and Risk assessment

  • Business and Technology Intelligence

Our Capabilities

Dedicated Technical team with 15+ years of experience.

30+ Technology and Industry expertise.

Access to Databases like Gartner, IEEE, Pubmed, Science Direct.

Proprietary Technology Monitoring and alert system fueled by XLSCOUT.

Experience Market Research team.

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