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Patent Drafting Services

Patent drafting service involves the preparation of a patent application detailing various features of the invention and describing the technical effects and advantages of the invention.  

Patent application drafting is a vital skill that decides the fate of a patent application and facilitates a grant without many objections from the Patent Office. A well-drafted patent application allows the applicants and inventors to avoid extended examination, unnecessary expenses, and waste of time, and importantly, allows the applicants and inventors to obtain a desired scope of protection. 

Drafting a patent application involves an exhaustive explanation of concepts and ideas that the inventor considers novel and inventive over existing ideas. It is important to emphasize the details that are most important for explaining the functionality and/or configurations of the invention.  

Claims form the most important part of a patent application and define the protection a patentee would receive. Additionally, it is important to prepare drawings of the invention in compliance with legal requirements that correspond to the invention being detailed. 

TT Consultants is pioneered in the field of patent drafting and illustrations. We have qualified and experienced Patent Agents and subject matter experts with technical and legal knowledge to assist in the preparation of patent applications and drawings. 

Challenges Faced While Conducting Patent Drafting & Illustrations

cost of manual analysis

Navigating Legal Pitfalls

No integration with recent AL & ML-based analysis technologies_

Avoiding complete loss of obtainable rights due to improper drafting

As large set of data is to be analysed, so a well-structured approach is needed._

Limited amendment possibilities during the examination

Limited search capabilities

Smartly defining the scope of protection in claims

Amendments that may unnecessarily narrow scope of protection

Aligning patent application with business objectives

Vague and incomplete response that leads to extended examination

Nuances of patent drafting, patent illustration, technical & legal jargon

Our Services

Provisional Patent Application Drafting

We assist our clients in preparing drafts to be filed as provisional applications. One of the aims of a provisional application is to secure the filing date of the application and thus such applications are filed even when the invention is not fully developed. A draft includes a description of the invention as much as possible with the drawings and optionally claims as well.

Non-provisional Patent Application Drafting

We assist our clients in preparing drafts to be filed as a non-provisional application. Such applications can be filed directly or after a certain period (generally 12 months) from the date of filing the provisional application. 

Non-provisional applications involve a complete description of the invention, formal drawings, and the claims that define the scope of protection. In contrast to a provisional application, a non-provisional application is examined by the Patent Office. 

Patent Illustrations

We assist our clients in preparing high-quality patent drawings that facilitate understanding of the invention described in the patent application. Patent illustrations can be used to increase understanding of the invention and bring out the novel and inventive aspects of the invention. 

We prepare patent illustrations as per the legal requirements in various jurisdictions and to avoid any writing related rejections during the examination. 

Drafting Claims for New and Continuation Applications

We assist our clients in preparing claims based on several technical, legal, and business parameters. Claims define the protection being granted to the patentee and hence it is important to consider multiple parameters (patentability, competitors, etc.) while drafting the claims. Our team of Patent Agents and engineers has expertise in drafting high-quality patent claims based on client requirements. 

Continuation-in-part (CIP) Patent Application Drafting

Continuation-in-part application refers to a related application of a previously filed application. CIP application drafting involves adding new aspects of an invention to a previously filed application.

It is important to analyze what subject matter forms part of the CIP application and how such matter would be linked to the already described invention in the previously filed application. We assist our clients in preparing CIP applications based on new updates and modifications to their inventions.


Our Methodology

(Patent Drafting & Illustrations)

We execute a three-point approach to prepare high-quality patent applications. Our approach includes developing an in-depth understanding of the invention, understanding the client’s technical, legal, and businessrelated requirements, and preparing claims and descriptions that define the desired scope of protection. 

understand icon

Develop Understanding

Determine Direction

Draft Application

Our Methodology

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Initial discussions with clients to understand technology and invention

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Understanding what the clients intend to protect as their invention

  • AI-Driven First Cut Analysis of the collated comprehensive patent dataset to a competitor company

    Establishing in-depth understanding of technology and invention by engineers and patent agents

  • Preparation of claims to cover the invention as well as variations of the invention

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Preparing description document and formal drawings to explain the invention

  • Highlighting the list of potential resources for creating collaboration through licensing and buying

    Multiple reviews of claims, specification and drawings by Patent Agents

  • Review of the claims, specification and drawings by client for any inputs and suggestions

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Review of the prepared documents by an Attorney prior to filing

Why TT Consultants?

TTC has an experienced team of patent attorneys, patent agents, Ex-USPTO examiners, subject matter experts, and engineers to provide patent search and drafting services.

Expertise in all kinds of domains – software, electronics, communication, mechanical, life sciences, etc.

Multiple-level reviews by patent agents and patent attorneys (in filing countries)

Discussions with inventors to establish an in-depth understanding

Patent illustrators with knowledge of the US, EP, WO & other countries’ regulations/compliances

1000+ patent applications drafted till date

All-in-one service for patent application drafting, illustrations, and patent filing services

Optimized cost as per client requirements

Work model adjustable as per client/case requirements

Specialized patent draftsman

Quick turnaround time

Time and cost savings   

Clients Testimonials

We have been working with TT Consultants to draft PCT and US patent applications. We are impressed with the patent drafting services that the drafting team provides, and the efforts put in to arrive at high-quality patent drafts. 

The expert team does not miss important information and covers all important aspects while preparing the drafts.  

The team can meet tight deadlines as well. We look forward to working with TT Consultants on future projects and would recommend their services to others. 

Years of Experience

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Are claims required in both provisional and non-provisional patent applications?

Claims are not essential while preparing a provisional application. Claims are essential in the case of preparing a fresh non-provisional application and when filing a non-provisional application based on an existing provisional application.

Though not essential, it can be beneficial to include a broad model claim in a provisional application as in some jurisdictions, a model claim may set the scope of protection. ​

Is it necessary to first file a provisional patent application?

Filing a provisional application is not necessary. Applicants can directly file a non-provisional application with the patent office.

A Provisional application does help to secure a priority date while allowing inventors time to make changes to or refine the invention.

Can I have a single patent draft for filing in multiple countries?​

The invention disclosure and the protection sought by the invention may be the same for multiple countries. 


A single draft can be filed in different countries. In some cases, for filing an application in different countries, the draft may need to be modified based on the current Rules and regulations of that country. 

Can I include an improvement to my invention in my patent application?

When a patent application is filed, no new matter is allowed to be added to the application. However, the improvement can be filed in the form of a CIP (Continuation-In-Part) or Patent of Addition. 

Can I include color images to show my invention better?

Different countries have different rules regarding the preparation of drawings. Generally, black and white images with different views are preferred in the case of a new device or apparatus. 


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