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With changing technology landscapes, it is important to keep a track of your existing technology and capabilities. TT Consultants Technology Tracking services keep you ahead of your competitors by evaluating a technology using our hybrid approach.

The inhouse Explainable AI-based XLSCOUT provides advanced analytics clubbed along the Subject Matter Experts’ analysis.

In the technology explosion world, where each year companies, start-ups are coming up with hundreds of newer technologies, it’s becoming hard and equally important to keep an eye on the technology trends. Trends that can turn out to be threats, and if the right measures are taken could be converted into opportunities.

Patent filings in any technology play a significant role in understanding the trends and also help in deciding the next potential steps. Tracking technology is not only related to patents but also to daily updates and future growth.


We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • Tracking top technology in the business space

  • Monitoring IP, M&A trends, New Start-ups

  • Market Assessment and Key Area Identification

  • Business Opportunity Assessment

Our Capabilities

Dedicated Technical team with 15+ years of experience.

30+ Technology and Industry expertise.

Access to Databases like Gartner, IEEE, Pubmed, Science Direct.

Proprietary Technology Monitoring and alert system fueled by XLSCOUT.

Experience Market Research team.

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