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Gender Balance at TT Consultants

Gender Equality is one of the core commitments of the organization since it determines and impacts the growth and success of the organization. Having women in the workplace strengthens the business of the organization as women bring new and unique perspectives to the business. It creates a ripple effect that benefits everyone.  

Creating a culture of support and inclusivity lays the groundwork for every voice to be heard, and for their work to be truly valued and appreciated. In order for women to thrive and be successful in an organization, a supportive culture of inclusion is necessary. As an organization, the idea of bringing women at par with men does not mean neglecting or excluding men. It is to make the workplace gender inclusive and provide equal opportunities to men and women. And here at TTC, we wish to do the same.  

To tap the maximum potential of our female workforce, we have started various initiatives in the organization that support the growth of women in the organization.  

Under the umbrella initiative HERjourney, HHire, EEmpower RRetain are the key focus areas. With initiatives and policies for each of these aspects, we aim to cultivate, nurture and smoothen the organizational journey (safar) of every female employee working with us. The idea is to enable every female employee to fulfil her aspirations and accomplish her growth milestones.  


Hiring through gender inclusive practices


Providing the right opportunities for women to grow in the organization


Enabling women to strike a perfect work-life balance


is our initiative to provide a level playing field to women so that they are not denied of their opportunity to get hired in the organization. Hiring is a major step towards equalizing the male female ratio in the organization as an initiative to promote gender diversity. Hiring is done purely based on talent and caliber of the employees. Gender is no bar in it. The programs covered under this are:

As an initiative to recruit and hire more female employees, a higher percentage of employee referral bonus is given in case a woman is being referred and hired in the organization.  

As an agenda to hire female employees, even as part of campus drives, it is being ensured that female talent is hired equally just like the male talent. The interviewers work under the protocol of hiring equal female candidates. Campuses with higher ratio of female students are specifically chosen as part of this initiative.  

 Since we live in a patriarchal society, women are laden with family pressures, marriage responsibilities and then childcare duties. It leads to female employees dropping out of work. So, to ensure that female employees can work comfortably even after marriage, they are given permanent work from home option so they can work for the organization from anywhere in the world. It not only gives them the chance to fulfil their professional aspirations but also enables them to strike the work-life balance. 

We understand that managing work and personal life together can be challenging and extremely draining. Thus, we ensure to provide a flexible work policy for our employees so that they can strike work-life balance. It supports women with family and caring responsibilities. It has resulted in strengthening the count of female workforce in the organization since they are able to choose their timings of work. 


After hiring, the biggest responsibility of the organization is to retain the employees.  The programs covered under this are:

There is complete implementation of the Maternity Benefits Act, 1961. The new mothers are given paid leave for a period of 6 months. They are even given the facility to work from home during the pregnancy period so that they can focus on work and simultaneously take care of themselves. Upon resumption of duties, back to work is made as easy as possible. The new mothers are given a relaxed work environment till the child turns two. The managers of such female employees are also guided to give a comfortable working environment to the new mothers to make the back to work environment as calm as possible.

This program is run by the name UpraiseHER. Under this program, the appraisal system is designed in such a manner that it not only gives insight to an employee’s organizational objectives but also tries to understand the employee’s personal growth objectives and career journey. These objectives are monitored by the management and adequate action is taken to promote and support the growth of the women work force in the organization. It is a holistic approach towards understanding the employee objectives. It leaves no scope of bias and error since it’s transparent and fair. 

The prevention of sexual harassment at workplace is given utmost importance. Sexual Harassment policy along with complete awareness given to the female employees so they can raise their concerns and get their problems addressed with the help of an internal committee that has specifically been made for the redressal of the problems of women. Timely trainings are given to women to create awareness about their rights.  

Sometimes, to meet work commitments, the women employees are required to work in office till late. The organization thus takes it on itself to ensure women safety both, inside and outside the organization. Thus, there is provision of cab facility to drop home women employees safely at night. It has resulted in the female employees becoming comfortable working till late to meet their professional commitments.   

The female employees in the organization are given the opportunity to take up work trips. This has facilitated the growth of the female employees. These employees have also been successful in generating business for the company through their skillful tactics.  


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