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Tech Scouting is a bit more complex than just tracking. And like other parts of the company, tech scouting teams depend on core systems and tools.

One always wonders how big giants are ahead in the innovation race competing with thousands of competitors in the domain. The most common answer we believe is consistency and progressive innovation.

One of the biggest challenges is to be competitive and be innovative at the same time. Top market players in the industry sustain their positions by continuous analysing the new technologies and evaluating them with on-going ones. Scouting of emerging and future disruptive technologies keeping in mind the existing technology don’t become obsolete. We live in an era where technology is heading at an unprecedented pace. 

There are limited options to commercialize the product when one dont have patent protection for it, which are going for licensing or buying portfolios to avoid infringements in future. 

However, buying patents is not the best practice, buying the right set of patents at the right time is the optimal solution to it.

To scrutinize out those sets of patents from a portfolio and evaluate the integration of multiple new technologies with the existing technology portfolio of a company is necessary. Technology scouting increases the rate and potential for meaningful innovation and trends.

Innovation has no limits, Our tech scouting services covers global territory, for which we conduct research on customers, competitors, universities, inventors, organisations and more.

Identifying the right partners and technologies for licensing is a difficult and tedious task for companies, we at TT Consultants become your scouts and assist in collaboration of various networks covering R&D teams, start‐up firms, inventors, universities, SMEs.

Not just searching the usual suspect database however, we play an active role in scanning technologies which will lead you. We perform a proactive and continual search for what you actually need.

Key advantages of Technology scouting

Find the latest technology and innovation that address specific challenges or upcoming needs:  

  • Identify new opportunities in specific geography
  • Strategic alliances between universities & Companies
  • Technology gap assessment
  • Risk Assessment on integration of new technology
  • Market prognosis

Scouting Of Patents (Patent Scout-Out)

Allows your organisation to conduct patent searches while keeping individual search activity completely confidential. When it comes to free patent searching tools, which might include detailed processed data and exposed searches. For most IP professionals, this is unacceptable, but patent scouting allows your whole organization to conduct patent searches while keeping individual search activity completely private.  With accessing the same high quality data set that powers all of IP Intelligence tools for  relevant patent information.

Our core features are that we provide a powerful search manually and automatically with our AI assisted tool (XLPAT landscaper) with manual human intelligence. Technology scouting increases the rate and potential for meaningful innovation. With technology scouting becoming a core process, best practices are hard to come by.

TTC have created a centralized team for technology scouting. Every member in the team is expert in key technology and product areas to easily identify the potential technology opportunities with timely responses to submitted technologies.

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