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Leveraging a blend of AI & LLM technology with expert insights, our hybrid technology scouting service provides you with actionable insights and innovative approaches. Discover new opportunities worry-free with our scouting services, including patent scouting, IP scouting, and corporate tech scouting. 

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AI Based Proprietary Platform

Leverages generative AI/GPT to suggest new and innovative ideas.

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Technology Scouting Services

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  • Proficient in using patent and non-patent databases on various technology scouting platforms. 
  • 60+ Technology and Industry experts with 15+ years experience. 
  • Proprietary technology monitoring, patent scout, and alert system powered by XLSCOUT. 
  • Hybrid approach to identify technology gaps and grey areas through whitespace analysis. 
  • Triz-based matrix approach for finding feasible solutions to challenges. 
  • Identification of potential partners for strategic collaborations via licensing and IP acquisition. 
  • Comprehensive Techno-Commercial Analysis. 
  • In-house repository for technology scouting, company, and competitor intelligence. 
  • Patents, NPL, market, business, and commercial products analysis capabilities. 

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Access to AI & LLM-assisted proprietary platform XLSCOUT and human expertise

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Insights to inform strategic decision-making

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Identification of potential areas for innovation and technology trends 

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Evaluation of competitors and market opportunities 

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What is technology scouting?

Technology Scouting is an exhaustive process of assessing existing Intellectual Property and the commercial market to pinpoint novel, viable methods for portfolio development. 

What are problems associated with technology scouting?​

Challenges include pinpointing feasible solutions, recognizing potential collaboration resources, insufficient expertise in conducting tech scouting activities, and a shortage of effective tools. 

What's the cost for technology scouting?

Costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, based on client needs and the domain’s complexity. Each technology scouting report is tailored to the client’s specifications.

How can AI and LLM-based technologies be leveraged in the field of technology scouting?

AI and LLM-based technologies can enhance technology scouting by automating data analysis, patent searches, and market trend identification. They can efficiently process vast information sources, enabling quicker identification of promising technologies, reducing scouting time, and improving decision-making in technology-driven industries. 

Who requests for technology scouting project?

An enterprise with an intension to expand their business in a new area, an enterprise planning to enhance the product quality would request for scouting.

What are the tools available for conducting technology scouting?​

Technology scouting is generally performed by the hybrid approach of manual analysis and automatic analysis by the tool.

One such tool is XLSCOUT – In house developed repository powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Approach for obtaining relevant IP scouting data in a single place.

How to perform technology scouting?

Scouting analysis is performed by segmenting the technology of interest into sub technologies, characteristics and applications.

Further the process proceeds with analysing, mapping and performing analytics for the segmented IP and Non IP knowledges to obtain information relating to technology evolution, competitor analysis, technological gap, opportunities for growth and available list of potential resources or collaboration’s.

How can we stay ahead of our competitors through technology scouting?

By constantly monitoring and evaluating new and emerging technologies, identifying potential opportunities and threats, and leveraging the insights gained to make strategic decisions and adapt to changing market conditions.

What industries can benefit from technology scouting?

Many industries can benefit from technology scouting, including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, information technology, consumer goods, and transportation. Any industry that relies on innovation and technology to improve its products, services, and operations can benefit from technology scouting.

How can startups benefit from technology scouting?

Startups can benefit from technology scouting by identifying potential partners, investors, or acquisition targets. They can also use technology scouting to identify emerging technologies that can help them stay ahead of their competition, improve their products or services, or streamline their operations. By leveraging technology scouting, startups can access a wider range of resources, expertise, and technologies that can help them grow and succeed in their industry.

Can I use tech scouting services to find solutions scouting for specific challenges in my industry?

Absolutely! Tech scouting services excel at solutions scouting. They systematically scan the technological horizon to find novel solutions, addressing particular challenges faced by industries, ensuring you remain at the forefront of innovation.

Are there sectors where IP scouting becomes more critical than others in technology scouting services?

While IP scouting is universally valuable, sectors with rapid innovation rates, like pharmaceuticals, IT, and renewable energy, often benefit more. Staying abreast of IP developments in these industries is crucial to avoid infringements and spot collaboration or acquisition opportunities.

Is the tech scouting process tailored for large corporations only?

Primarily, tech scouting addresses the nuanced needs of large corporations. However, ambitious startups and mid-sized companies looking for in-depth insights and strategies that big corporations employ can also benefit immensely from this service.

How often should a company engage in technology scouting services for optimal results?

The frequency of technology scouting services depends on the industry’s pace of innovation and the company’s strategic goals. However, with the dynamic nature of technology and constant shifts in IP landscapes, periodic reviews, at least annually or bi-annually, are recommended.

For startups, how crucial is it to integrate tech scouting services early on in their business journey?

For startups operating in tech-driven industries, integrating tech scouting services early can provide a competitive edge. It helps them identify market gaps, potential IP conflicts, and emerging trends, enabling them to pivot and adapt their business strategies more effectively.

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