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We serve many of the world’s largest companies, law firms, institutions, and  several other IP fraternity. Our team works with clients to monetize IP, defend IP litigation, lead innovation in their industry and achieve most out of their IP budgets.

Jitin Talwar - TTConsultants
Jitin Talwar
Mentor & Non-executive Founder
Dr. Nirmal S. Basi (BAZ) - TTConsultants
Dr. Nirmal S. Basi (BAZ)
Chief Executive Officer
Jun Chen CEO-APAC - TTConsultants
Jun Chen
Chief Executive Officer APAC
Dr. Stephen Gucker
Director - Business Development
Anshuman Singal - TTConsultants
Anshuman Singal
Additional CEO
Sameer Goel- TT Consultants
Sameer Goel
Senior Vice President - Business Development
Ranjit Singh - TTConsultants
Ranjit Singh
Vice President - Business Development
Yoshikazu Tanaka- TT Consultants
Yoshikazu Tanaka
Customer Relations(Japan)
Vineet Sharma
Senior Vice President - Operations
Ashish Sharma- TT Consultants
Ashish Sharma
Vice President - Operations
Kanika Rajdev- TT Consultants
Kanika Rajdev
Vice President - Market Research
Ishwarj Singh Dhatt - TTConsultants
Ishwarj Singh Dhatt
Associate Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Harvinder Singh
Associate Vice President - Operations
Shivani Mittal - TTConsultants
Shivani Mittal
Associate Vice President - Operations
Sanket Thakur - TTConsultants
Sanket Thakur
Associate Vice President - Operations
Punit Talwar- TT Consultants
Punit Talwar
Senior Manager-Patent Research wing, Life Sciences
Pratish Bisht
Senior Manager- Head of Mechanical, Patent Research Wing
Prabhanjit Singh- TT Consultants
Prabhanjit Singh
Senior Patent Engineer