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Utilizing a Hybrid Solution, we blend the proficiency of our patent specialists with the cutting-edge capabilities of our AI & LLM-fueled XLSCOUT platform to deliver top-notch EoU Claim Charts. Our goal? To empower clients with comprehensive patent infringement analysis reports, enabling them to safeguard and preserve their invaluable intellectual property (IP).

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AI Based Proprietary Platform

ClaimChart LLM utilizes cutting-edge Large Language Models to identify potential licensees & their overlapping products and provide high-quality Claim charts/EoU in just 10-15 mins.

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Our Methodology

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  • Experienced team of 250+ members, comprising Ph.D. holders, Ex-USPTO Examiners, Patent Agents, and Masters’ degree holders, having expertise in core domains. 
  • Collaboration with premium institutes/labs for core reverse engineering problems such as in semiconductor domain 
  • Internal product teardown labs to do product teardown. 
  • Experienced software team and advanced software tools to analyze the complex source codes 
  • Customized pricing plans for each budget and set of requirements. 
  • Analysis and reporting in 10+ languages.

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Search for potential infringement of your patent 

Identify potential infringers 

Assess risk of patent infringement 

Strengthen IP portfolio

Identify licensing opportunities 

Search for potential infringement of your patent 

Identify potential infringers 

Assess risk of patent infringement 

Strengthen IP portfolio

Identify licensing opportunities 

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AI & LLM-assisted Proprietary Platform XLSCOUT complemented with human expertise

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Customized Infringement analysis tailored to your business needs

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Detailed analysis of potential infringers 

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Mitigation strategies to minimize patent infringement risk

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What constitutes a reasonable royalty?

A reasonable royalty is a damage estimation utilized in patent infringement cases. This estimation calculates the amount that should have been received by the patent holder from the infringer, considering a hypothetical license negotiation at the time when the infringement commenced.

Why is a cease and desist letter crucial?

A cease and desist letter is integral to a patent holder’s enforcement strategy, serving as an official notice to halt alleged infringement activities. The letter can yield several advantages, such as avoiding the time and cost of litigation if complied with or potentially leading to a licensing agreement. Furthermore, in eventual court proceedings, the letter can substantiate claims for patent infringement and consequential damages if disregarded by the infringer.

What penalties are associated with willful infringement?

For willful infringement, courts hold the discretion to award up to triple the actual damages sustained.

What constitutes indirect patent infringement?

Indirect patent infringement is characterized by two types:

(i) Contributory Infringement and

(ii) Induced Infringement.

Could you elaborate on Patdigger and how it aids infringement searches?

Patdigger is a sophisticated, web-based patent search engine tailored to conduct meticulous analyses of data derived from diverse patent databases. It features a quick ranking mechanism and offers comprehensive insights, facilitating efficient identification of potential patent infringements and allowing informed decision-making in potential patent infringement scenarios.

Can you define patent licensing?

Patent licensing involves the grant of permission by a patent holder to a third party, allowing them to manufacture, use, and sell the patented invention in exchange for an agreed-upon royalty.

How can the outcomes of a patent infringement analysis guide business decisions?

The insights from a patent infringement analysis can significantly guide business strategies. By identifying potential risks, businesses can modify products or services, acquire rights to use the patented technology, or reveal innovative opportunities for new product development.

What information is typically encompassed in a patent infringement search report?

A patent infringement search report generally comprises details on patents potentially impacting a product or service, including a list of pertinent patents, the scope of these patents, and an analytical overview of the possible effects on your product or service.

What are the plausible defenses against a patent infringement claim?

Defendants can raise multiple defenses against a patent infringement claim, including:

  • Invalidity: Arguing the patent in question fails to meet legal patentability requirements or was improperly granted.
  • Non-infringement: Claiming their product or process does not infringe upon the patent due to operational differences or overly broad or ambiguous patent claims.
  • Prior Art: Presenting evidence of pre-existing similar inventions, asserting a lack of novelty or non-obviousness in the patented invention.
  • Experimental Use: Asserting the use of the patented invention was solely for experimental purposes to refine it or develop a rival product.
  • Estoppel: Arguing that the patent holder’s misleading conduct or statements should bar them from enforcing the patent.
  • License: Claiming possession of a license or authorization to use the patented invention, either obtained from the patent holder or another licensor.
What elements are integral to a detailed patent infringement analysis report?

A comprehensive patent infringement analysis report should include meticulous details of relevant patents, in-depth claim chart analysis, insights into possible infringement of patent, and actionable recommendations, proving crucial in infringement behavior monitoring.

How can a fast infringement search benefit IP lawyers and innovators in identifying potential patent infringements?

A fast infringement search is essential for identifying potential infringements promptly, allowing for immediate action in enforcing patent rights and mitigating risks associated with infringing patents. This serves as a cornerstone in executing the best infringement search strategy.

Why is infringement analysis of patents crucial from a service perspective for potential indirect infringement of patent?

Infringement analysis of patents is pivotal in evaluating the risks and viability of innovations, aiding in the development of strategies for patent defense, enforcement, or licensing. It plays a significant role in managing indirect infringement of patent and formulating overarching IP strategies.

How is claim chart analysis instrumental in evaluating indirect infringement of patent?

Claim chart analysis is pivotal in providing a visual representation of how a product or process might align with patent claims, offering clear and quick insights into possible indirect infringements and aiding in the development of legal strategies for effective patent enforcement.

What constitutes the best infringement search, and why is it imperative for IP professionals and innovators?

The best infringement search amalgamates accuracy, depth, and swiftness, offering a comprehensive view of potential infringements and enabling effective protection of intellectual properties. It’s crucial for maintaining the integrity of innovations and for avoiding legal complications.

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