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At TT Consultants, we are committed to helping our clients stay ahead in innovation.


At the heart of modern innovation management lies the art of Patent Portfolio Analysis, and that’s where we, at TT Consultants, excel. By integrating the latest AI and Large Language Model (LLM) technologies with our industry expertise, we offer an array of services tailored for comprehensive portfolio insights. From vigilant Patent Monitoring and efficient Patent Portfolio Commercialization to strategic Management and M&A Due Diligence, we ensure your intellectual assets are not just protected but also optimized for maximum value.

Serving a diverse range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to top-tier law firms and innovation hubs, we provide the strategic edge needed to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving IP landscape.

Our Services

  • Drafting & Prosecution Support

Patent Drafting & Illustrations

Patent drafting and illustrations led by experienced patent professionals, enhanced by AI & LLMs for a robust patent application draft. 

Patent Prosecution & Office Action Response

AI-supported strategies and expert guidance to skillfully navigate patent prosecution processes and effectively respond to office actions. 

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Why TT Consultants?

Access to diverse patent and non-patent databases, including Questel Orbit, Thomson Innovation, Espacenet, IEEE, Google Scholar/Patents, and more.

Proficiency in handling invention disclosures, conducting searches, analyzing findings, and reporting in 16+ languages.

In-house AI and LLM Based Proprietary Platform XLSCOUT for problem solving and novel idea evaluation.

Highly optimized pricing for each budget and requirement

30+ technology & industry expertise

Experienced market research team

AI Based Proprietary Platform

Invalidator LLM

Helps you discover relevant prior arts for patent invalidation.

Generate high-quality preliminary patent drafts leveraging LLMs and Generative AI.

Revolutionizing the way you search for patent infringement.

Leverages LLMs/Generative AI to suggest new and innovative ideas.

Quick prior art searches leveraging latest AI technologies.

Keep up with the technology and competitor trends you care about, without being overwhelmed

Discover disruptive technologies and track emerging trends from the dataset of 150 Million+ patents.

Automated competitor intelligence to fuel your strategic decisions.

Who Do We Serve?


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Fortune 500 Organizations



Law Firms

Law Firms





Clients Testimonials


What is the significance of Patent Drafting & Illustrations, and how can it benefit my organization?

Patent Drafting & Illustrations are essential steps in securing intellectual property rights. TT Consultants specializes in gaining a thorough understanding of the technical domain, enabling us to draft comprehensive claim sets.  

This service ensures that your inventions are accurately represented, providing a strong foundation for the patent application process and enhancing the likelihood of successful prosecution.

How does Patent Prosecution & Office Action Response contribute to the success of a patent application?

Patent Prosecution involves negotiating the claim scope of a patent application and addressing patent examiner objections. TT Consultants’ expertise in this area ensures efficient and effective responses to office actions, overcoming objections, and securing broader patent protection.  

This service is crucial for navigating the complexities of the patent prosecution process and maximizing the value of your intellectual assets.

How can organizations benefit from the AI-Based Proprietary Platform in Patent Drafting & Prosecution?

TT Consultants’ AI-Based Proprietary Platforms, including Ideacue and Novelty Checker, plays a pivotal role in Patent Drafting & Prosecution.  

Leveraging generative AI/GPT, these tools assist in suggesting new and innovative ideas, validating initial concepts, ensuring compliance with patentability requirements as well as drafting professional patent applications in a matter of minutes while complying with the jurisdiction’s standard format. 

These AI-driven platforms enhances the overall quality and efficiency of the drafting and prosecution process, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions. 

What industries does TT Consultants serve in its Patent Drafting & Prosecution Support services?

TT Consultants serves a diverse range of industries in its Patent Drafting & Prosecution Support services. From Fortune 500 companies to top-tier law firms and innovation hubs, our expertise spans various sectors. Whether in technology, healthcare, or manufacturing, TT Consultants tailors its services to meet the unique needs of each industry, providing strategic support in the drafting and prosecution of patents.

How can I initiate the process of availing TT Consultants' Patent Drafting & Prosecution Support services?

Initiating the process is simple. Contact TT Consultants through our website or directly get in touch with our team. We offer a seamless onboarding process, understanding your specific needs and tailoring our services accordingly. 
Whether you require assistance in patent drafting, prosecution, or both, TT Consultants is ready to provide the support needed to optimize the protection and value of your intellectual assets. 

Patent Monitoring

Track the technical area of innovators in order to keep a close eye on their actions

Patent Portfolio Commercialization

Quick patent ranking portfolio analysis which can be leveraged to generate revenue

Patent Portfolio Management

Evaluate patent portfolios to identify business opportunities with filings & acquisitions

M&A – Due Diligence

M&A - due diligence ensures successful mergers & acquisitions by assessing intellectual property assets.

Patent Ranking

Patent ranking services provide strategic advantage by evaluating and ranking patents


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