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TT Consultants’ Whitespace analysis uses a strategy powered by analytics and complemented by IP insights to help you establish your distinctive tech story, from AI to APIs, cloud to quantum computing, home and health, and everything in between.

Identifying potential opportunities

Through cross-industry innovation, get a detailed overview of the technology and market horizon in your field as well as adjacent technology areas to fortify your innovation activity. Identify technology gaps and whitespaces that are complementary to your current core strengths.

Discover adjacent growth opportunities

TTC Whitespace analysis can help you evaluate and identify key trends and themes in complementary and unexplored markets that you can own in this fast-paced environment.  By repositioning your core skills, you can discover new applications for existing product portfolios.

Whitespace Analysis- TT Consultants


We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • Technology assessment and Whitespace analysis

  • Scouting collaboration avenues between universities and companies

  • Technology gap assessment

  • Opportunity and Risk assessment

  • Business and Technology Intelligence

Our Capabilities

Dedicated Technical team with 15+ years of experience.

30+ Technology and Industry expertise.

Access to Databases like Gartner, IEEE, Pubmed, Science Direct.

Proprietary Technology Monitoring and alert system fueled by XLSCOUT.

Experience Market Research team.

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