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Patent Whitespace Analysis

Patent Whitespace Analysis

Whitespace Analysis is a process to find the technological gap prevailing in a broad domain for the creation of new inventions thereby building a patent portfolio. Generally, patent Whitespace analysis is considered a challenging process and is performed as a part of Landscape study and Technology Scouting to identify the active grey area with future scope. 

When a company intends to expand its market presence in a new domain or to enhance the quality of its current product using a new alternative technology, the patent Whitespace analysis is the first step conducted to analyze the new opportunities for venturing. Conducting these exercises before entry into a new domain may prevent the company from having investment risks. 

The patent whitespace analysis report provides information regarding the less crowded technology, the forecasted market opportunity, and threats, competitor presence, and business intelligence to the company for the decision-making process.  

TT Consultants has been involved in the challenging projects associated with whitespace analysis for a protracted time. We have extremely qualified engineers who have attained experience in analyzing the less crowded area and its feasibility of expansion. Further, we also have an in-house repository for extracting data related to the Technological gap within a short span of time. 

Challenges Faced While Conducting Patent Whitespace Analysis

Non-availability of a single-point search engine for Whitespace analysis​ of patents.

No integration with recent AL & ML-based analysis technologies_

No integration with recent AL & ML-based analysis technologies​

Devoting time and resource for scouting_

Devoting time and resources for Analysis​

Hybrid approach for accurately identifying the grey area with opportunities​

cost of manual analysis

Complete Manual analysis leads to high cost​

Availability of domain research experts

Availability of domain research experts with the right skillset​

Predicting the Market, Business and Investment risk​

Lack of availability of technology monitoring and alerting system _ (1)

Lack of availability of technology monitoring and alerting system ​

Our Approaches

Technology matrix-based approach​

When an enterprise tries to investigate new avenues or gap areas for further IP filing and product development, the first step is to understand the current technology landscape. 

We perform in-depth patent and non-patent landscapes wherein the citations are categorized across multiple technology heads or sub-heads. Post categorization, we prepare a technology vs technology matrix and try to find out areas where there is very less or no activity in terms of IP or products in the form of heatmaps. 

The analysis is supplemented by a survey of research articles in those gap areas or whitespaces so that feasibility and recent research happening in that area can be assessed. 

Technology evolution and competitors’ activity

Evolution is a continuous process and entities are adapting themselves to innovate as the technology progresses to the next stage. Otherwise, the current strategy of an entity may become an outdated idea. To lead the industries, the entities are constantly innovating and going along with the flow of the technology evolution process. Besides this, it is significantly necessary to check the activity of the competitors to stay ahead of them.  

TT Consultants has created an in-house repository for technology tracking and competitor intelligence in a single spot, to show insights about how a technology emerges, its basic trend key player analysis and competitors' activity in a domain. 

Problem solution approach​

Finding an alternative approach to ease the problem is a never-ending process. Companies use this strategy to build their own kingdom. Here, the challenging job is the identification of the feasible solution for a particular problem. 

Without predicting the feasible solutions, some companies may invest and lose their time energy and money in researching the non-feasible solutions. 

We here at TT Consultants are providing solutions to this challenging task. Our technical experts are extremely qualified with higher degrees and are capable of analyzing and ranking the feasible solutions with respect to various business attributes to overcome the prevailing problems. 


Our Methodology

(Patent Whitespace Analysis)

Explore, analyze and identifying the feasible  growth for the expansion of Business and IP Portfolio. 

We provide an in-depth search approach to identify active whitespace area with predicted growth and positive development opportunity for expanding the market presence and to strengthen the IP portfolio.

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Our Methodology

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Understanding the requirements and devising a search strategy​

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Analysing the domain and finding the less crowded domains​

  • Comparative statistical analysis of technological areas and deep-dive investigation of the patent po

    Accessing the technology gaps for the discovery of solutions and adjacent opportunities ​

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Locating the promising area and analysing the associated opportunities and threats​

  • Uncovering the players involvement in the promising area and existing collaborations between the IP owners​

  • Ability to analyze Patents, Non-Patent Literatures, Market, Business and Commercial Products_

    Discovering the competitors research and engagement in the promising area​

  • Understand your product portfolio and identify relevant portfolio of focus

    Evaluating the market and business intelligence in the promising arena​

Why TT Consultants?

In-house Prepared repository for Technology scouting, whitespace analysis and competitor intelligence​

Ability to analyze Patents, Non-Patent Literatures, Market status, Business status and Commercial Products​

Proprietary Technology Monitoring and alert system fueled by XLSCOUT​

Dedicated Technical team and Market research team with 15+ years of experience​

Hybrid approach for identifying technology gaps and grey area in whitespace analysis​

30+ Technology and Industry expertise

Providing Techno commercial Analysis​

Exposing competitors' activity and interest in the voided area​

Skilled in usage of patents and non patents databases​

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Quality Projects Executed
Years of Experience

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Whitespace analysis is defined as a process for identifying technological gaps or voided areas in a domain having less or no patenting activity. This analysis is requested by an entity that plans for its business expansion. Whitespace analysis is considered as a preventive tool that predicts the risk and reduces the investment loss to an extent. 

Entities that plan for expansion requests for whitespace come landscape analysis. The purpose is to identify the gap in technology, competitors' activity and the opportunities and threats associated with the gap which helps the entity in decision making for new venture. 

The cost of performing whitespace analysis ranges between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending upon the nature of requirements. The white space analysis report is also customizable based on the client's requirement. 

TT Consultants have created a single spot in house repository for accessing the IP details and identifying the technology gaps, challenges in the gaps, company information, key players, and competitors' activity. 

Whitespace analysis is performed by segmenting the technology of interest into sub technologies, characteristics, and applications. Further the process proceeds with analysing, mapping, and performing analytics for the segmented IP and Non-IP knowledge to obtain information relating to technological evolution, competitor analysis, technological gap, and opportunities for growth. 


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