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Patent Infringement/Licensing Opportunity Monitoring Service identifies the products violating the patent rights and allows patent owners to enter into a licensing arrangement to generate revenue.

Patent Infringement searches are available through TT Consultants for Monitoring these possibilities which allows you to get the most out of your patent and entire patent portfolio.

Apart from the usual methodology, TT Consultants offers a Color Coded Claim Chart with Claim Enablement wherever possible. An important part of this market research is the date, sometimes a product infringes a subject patent but is limited to date.

TTC evaluates the product thoroughly in different databases and compares it with different patent Infringement cases.

Date limitation: >= Earliest Priority Date

Patent Invalidation - TT Consultants


We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • Understanding the subject patent, and analyzing the claims.

  • Broad Open Search with different search structures.

  • Non-Patent databases - Google, Product site.

  • Verifying the search result in different databases.

  • Color-Coded Claim Chart Mapping with searcher’s comment.

Our Capabilities

30+ Technology and Industry expertise.

Language Capabilities: Handle invention disclosures, search, analysis and reporting in 16+ Languages.

Non-Patent Literature from 100+ countries in multiple technology areas covered via 10+ specialized databases.

Price : Highly optimized pricing for each budget and requirement.

Experience Market Research team.

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