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Patent Landscape Analysis:

TTC team focuses on providing valuable, actionable insights based on comprehensive and detailed landscape analysis and helps to understand the contemporary and future trends in a particular technology and explore rewarding business product development opportunities.

Freedom-to-Operate Search:

To help you avoid infringement of patents, TTC conduct a thorough search to identify patents and trademarks with claims that could prevent you from manufacturing or selling a certain product or practicing a process in a specific jurisdiction.

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    Why TT Consultants?

    Comparative statistical analysis of technological areas and R&D area and deep-dive investigation of the patent portfolio to identify risks associated with freedom to operate and IP infringement

    Whitespaces/Gaps for proactive filing and R&D activities, as well as patent/company purchase or licensing opportunities, are identified using relevant patent and market data

    Techscaper provides expert curated taxonomy options combined with data training models to get a focused competitive intelligence dashboard and further lets you incorporate your vision in analysis

    AI-Driven First Cut Analysis of collated comprehensive patent dataset belonging to a technology area

    Patent and technology monitoring fuelled by AI-based Techscaper module in proprietary tool XLSCOUT

    Techscaper provides quick actionable and comprehensive insights on the technology data

    Customised Analytics and interactive charts based on taxonomy and geographical distribution

    A team of 350+ Technological Legal Experts having expertise in the field of engineering and life sciences

    Hybrid landscape approach which is a combination of our human expertise and AI-ML technologies for patent and market landscaping

    AI Based in House Tool

    Novelty Checker

    Validates your initial ideas using machine Intelligence


    Gives reliable insights on most accurate & comprehensive technology data

    Company Explorer

    Helps you uncover competitor stategies and market moves


    Gives you noise-free landscapes on competitors & technology & live landscapes

    Our IP Experts

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    Jitin Talwar
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    Dr. Nirmal S. Basi (BAZ)
    CEO-TT Consultants LLC
    Dr. Stephen Gucker
    Director Business Development
    Kevin Fournier
    Director - Business Development, Europe
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