Antiviral Coating

Covid-19 has led to an increased interest in this domain, with a primary focus on ensuring a safe and sterile environment. The techscape captures its application in various industries like Building Materials, Polymers, Healthcare, Packaging, etc. This Interactive dashboard will provide you with an analysis of “Antiviral-Coating” technology by automatically classifying patents using the taxonomy bot (Ontologier). Register Now! Access the interactive dashboard to get more insights:
  • Problems that companies are trying to solve
  • Explainable AI technology-based multi-level taxonomy segmentation 
  • Evolution of the technology
  • Major technologies emerged in the last few years
  • Top organizations innovating in a field and their research focus
  • New entrants or start-ups in the last few years
  • Innovation hubs or top filing jurisdictions
  • And much more.

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