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The COVID19 pandemic continues to be growing around the world with a few countries experiencing second or third waves. And one of the maximum concerning factors remains the spread of contamination via infected surfaces. A possible solution to that is viewed in increasing adoption of antiviral coatings which could reduce the unfolding of infectious diseases.

Global Antiviral Agents Market: Overview

Antiviral Agents 
The defense from virus can be done only when their interaction with the living host is cut off. The molecular structure of virus contains a protein coat that protects them. Nevertheless, when they are controlled on the external level, they can be contained, and further spread can be prevented.

By Segment
The antiviral agents are in demand by various end users. Surface coating and blending are the most promising technology for all type of segments such as plastics, paints, coating, fabric and others.

By Region
Asia pacific is expected to grow by around 5½ percent per year, accounting for nearly two-thirds of global growth (IMF). This economic growth rate is expected to provide a huge opportunity to antiviral agents’ market.

Global Antiviral Agents Market: Market Dynamics

COVID19 pandemic has completely changed the course of everything around us. Its high transmission ability has raised significant threat among people for surface-based transmission and infection. People are getting careful about touching any kind of stuff be it packaged article, cloths, metal surfaces and plastic articles. Antiviral additives can add virucidal property to these articles and can reduce surface based viral transmission significantly. Already many companies of diverse background have already started working and launching product branding antiviral property of the article.

Antiviral additives have application in wide variety of industries like textile, packaging, coating and paints, plastic etc. In terms of end use, healthcare systems will be under preference since they are more prone to viral exposure. In terms of region, Asian countries are likely to see more growth due to increasing presence of manufacturing hubs in various sectors. Industry players are focusing on Asia-Pacific and Middle East Countries due to huge consumer pool and increase economic condition with the countries.


  • Due to the current worldwide COVID19 pandemic, there is an urgent need to look for alternative approaches to impede viral impact apart from the therapeutic approaches. The focus of the current study is to highlight technologies and market potential of antiviral additives which can help in halting the surface based viral transmission.
  • Our study highlights that antiviral metal-based compounds and nanoparticles are the most preferred choice both at R &D and in market due to easy production and effective antiviral property. In terms of end application, plastic industry is expected to have maximum growth at a CAGR of 9.1 % in the next 05 years. It might be due to wide application of plastics in various sectors for making different products.
  • In the future, due to current COVID19 pandemic, importance and commercial value of antiviral coatings/additives will be sky high. The future innovation will be around low cost, low ecotoxicity and novel antiviral materials for coatings.

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