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McDonald’s Profile

Explore the extensive and dynamic patent portfolio of McDonald’s Inc., which highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Spanning from 2013 to 2023, this overview provides insights into McDonald’s strategic advancements in technology, showcasing how their patents play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable future.

Dive into detailed analyses of McDonald’s active, pending, and influential patents across a variety of technical and food domains, and discover how these innovations are steering the future of the food industry.

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Quantifying McDonald’s Patents

As of the end of 2023, McDonald’s ‘s patent portfolio is remarkable, boasting 53 active patent families globally. This portfolio also includes 162 patent families that are no longer active and 31 pending patent families.

These numbers highlight McDonald’s significant role in the food industry, showcasing its vast array of inventions and innovations. With a substantial presence in various countries around the world, McDonald’s demonstrates its widespread influence and commitment to advancing food technology on a global scale.

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How Many Patents McDonald’s Have?

What Did The Patent Landscape of McDonald’s Inc Look Like?      

This Pie Chart Shows the number of active, pending and dead patents.

McDonald’s  have 53 active, 162 expired, and 31 pending patents families.

How Many Patents Did McDonald’s File Every Year?

What Did The Patent Landscape of McDonald’s Inc Look Like?      

How Many McDonald’s Patents File in Different Countries? 

McDonald’s patents are filed in numerous countries, reflecting its international presence and the strategic importance of protecting its inventions across the globe. The McDonald’s countries list 2023 includes major markets where McDonald’s operates and maintains its technological leadership. 

IPC Classification Wise Patent Trends by Food Domain

IPC Classification


Medicinal preparations containing organic active ingredients




Medicinal preparations characterised by special physical form


Antineoplastic agents


Mutation or genetic engineering; DNA or RNA concerning genetic engineering, vectors, e.g. plasmids, or their isolation, preparation or purification; Use of hosts therefor


Measuring for diagnostic purposes ; Identification of persons


Filling or capping teeth


Filters; Devices providing patency to tubular structures; Prostheses; Accessories


Investigating or analysing materials by specific methods not covered by groups G01N1/00-G01N31/00


Electrotherapy; Circuits therefor


McDonald’s patents are diverse, covering a range of IPC classifications from Medicinal preparations containing organic active ingredients (A61K31) to Electrotherapy; Circuits therefor (A61N1). McDonald’s stats reveal that the company not only focuses on current food needs but also paves the way for future advancements. 

Emerging Trends in McDonald’s Technology: A Comparative View


A61K31 (Organic Medicinal Preparations)

A61P35 (Methods for Treatment of Human or Animal Diseases)

Focus of Innovation

Novel organic compounds for therapeutic use

New methods for treatment using various approaches

Key Technological Advancements

Discovery of new bioactive molecules through high-throughput screening and computational modeling, development of targeted drug delivery systems (e.g., liposomes, nanoparticles), exploration of natural products for medicinal properties

Gene therapy and gene editing techniques, personalized medicine approaches based on individual genetic profiles, combination therapies involving multiple drugs or modalities (e.g., immunotherapy)

Top Patent Filing Subcategories

Novel organic compounds with specific therapeutic targets, targeted drug delivery systems, natural product-based drug discovery.

Gene therapy and editing technologies, personalized medicine diagnostics and treatment methods, combination therapies for specific diseases.

Impact on Industries

Pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, drug discovery

Pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, healthcare, personalized medicine

Projected Future Trends

Artificial intelligence-driven draug discovery and development, focus on rare and neglected diseases, development of RNA-based therapies, continued exploration of gene editing for therapeutic applications

Advancements in gene therapy delivery methods, integration of big data analytics for personalized medicine, development of new treatment modalities for complex diseases, increasing focus on preventative and pre-symptomatic treatment

Comparing different aspects of McDonald’s patents, such as Organic Medicinal Preparations and Methods for Treatment of Human or Animal Diseases highlights the company’s foresight in areas like food industry and organic materials. These trends are indicative of where McDonald’s inventions are steering the future of food trends.  a

Notable Publications and Citation Frequency

The Chart below depicts the patents with most number of forward citations. These patents are likely to be the source of advancement in the domain and can be considered as valuable and core inventions. 


McDonald’s showcases a robust patent portfolio with a strong focus on sustainable and innovative technologies. Despite a decline in granted patents over the years, the company maintains significant active patents, indicating ongoing innovation.

The diversity in their patent classifications underscores their commitment to addressing both current and future technological needs, positioning McDonald’s as a forward-thinking leader in applying advanced technologies for impactful solutions.

Note: This Data is extracted from 2013 to 2023 and on the basis of patent Families.

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