Empowering an Industry Leader with Targeted Patent Invalidation

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Empowering an Industry Leader with Targeted Patent Invalidation

Industry: Consumer Electronics and Handheld Devices 

Challenge: Invalidating multiple broad-claim patents asserted against a leading industry client 

Solution: Strategic Invalidation with Invalidator+ and Tailored Search Techniques 

Utilization of Invalidator+ alongside a comprehensive and experienced-backed search strategy, achieving significant patent invalidations and reinforcing the client’s competitive standing.  

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Strategic Patent Invalidation for an Industry Leader 

A renowned leader in the consumer electronics and handheld devices sector found itself under the pressure of multiple patent litigations. The company was on the defensive, targeted by assertions of broad patents that, if upheld, would hinder their market operations and could potentially entail costly licensing fees or redesign efforts.  

Prior attempts to invalidate these patents were extensive and expensive, involving two other search firms and exceeding $150,000 in costs. Despite these efforts, the patents remained a formidable barrier, with their broad claims appearing resilient to challenge. 

The Challenge: Invalidation of Robust Patent Claims 

The patents in question presented claims that were not just wide-ranging, but also encapsulated what seemed to be novel inventions, making previous invalidation attempts unfruitful. The assertions made by these patents were substantial, with the potential to disrupt the client’s business significantly.  

The novelty asserted by these patents was particularly vexing, as it gave the impression that the claimed inventions were unprecedented and unique, thereby making the task of finding prior art that much more challenging. The broad nature of the claims meant that they overlapped with the client’s product features, which could lead to a finding of infringement and significant financial repercussions.  
The previous search firms had scoured through databases and had likely employed conventional search methods; however, the relevant prior art needed to challenge the novelty and non-obviousness of the claims remained elusive. The client, having already invested heavily without the desired results, was in urgent need of a more effective approach to avert the looming threat posed by these patents. 

Introducing Invalidator+: Cutting-Edge Invalidation Tool 

TT Consultants leveraged Invalidator+, our proprietary invalidation search tool, renowned for its: 

  • Comprehensive Database Access: Invalidator+ scans through global patent and non-patent literature databases, ensuring a wide net is cast for potential prior art. 
  • Advanced Search Algorithms: The tool employs sophisticated search algorithms that delve into the technicalities of patent claims, enhancing the likelihood of finding pertinent prior art. 

Customized Search Strategy for Optimal Results

Our experienced team devised a multifaceted search strategy that included: 

  • Smart Search Techniques: Incorporating inequitable and semantic search methodologies that go beyond basic keyword matching. 
  • Webbing Analysis: Utilizing backward and forward citation processing to uncover hidden connections to relevant patents. 
  • Open Search Parameters: Employing broad generic keyword searches along with targeted IPC/CPC classification exploration. 
  • Foreign Language Searches: Extending the search to non-English databases to ensure comprehensive coverage. 
  • Standards as Prior Art: Investigating industry standards that could serve as evidence of prior art. 

Business Proposal and Approach

We presented the client with a results-oriented business proposal, combining a fixed fee with a success-based component, underscoring our confidence in delivering valuable results. 

TT Consultants’ Proven Results 

Our strategic approach and the deployment of Invalidator+ culminated in the invalidation of 10 patents within 5-6 weeks, a testament to our efficiency and effectiveness. Our success fee model was fully realized, as the client found our results instrumental in their legal strategy. 

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