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Wireless power transfer technology works on electro-magnetic power transfer. In that one device functions as a transmitter and other works as a receiver. The transmitter device operates by electric power from a power source which then transmits the power across the surface area to generate an electro-magnetic field across it. Then the receiver device pulls the power from the electro-magnetic field and supplies it to the inbuilt operation section.

Both the devices (transmitter and receiver) are actually two conductors which are inductively or magnetically coupled to each other. The phenomenon of mutual induction takes place, where the current passes through the first wire and creates a changing magnetic field which induces an electromotive force (EMF) in the second wire. The electromagnetic field between two copper wires further limits the distance between a device and a charging pad.

Wireless Technology Future

Figure 1: Wireless charging systems for inductive coupling and magnetic resonance coupling.

Future of Wireless Charging

By observing the role and working of wireless charging in some of the significant fields in today’s scenario. We can say that the future of wireless charging is undeniable i.e. Wireless Charging: A World Without Wires.


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