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Recent Newfangled Advancements In Smart-Phones

The world is witnessing innovation in all aspects of technology. With every passing moment, we are making enormous advancements that shall take us far from the technologies that we are currently using. Devices are becoming compact, safe, and intelligent after every tech board meeting. Innovation is thrilling and exciting because it is making our lives luxurious, better and safer.

One of the innovations that changed the way we communicate is mobile phones. While one can certainly argue that mobile phones have resulted in spillover effects, we all will agree on one thing that mobile phones have really contributed to society in bringing this world closer. It has opened up the world of new possibilities of social change, and has shaped our present the way it is today.

Mobile phone is a costly gadget as it carries, behind its beautiful and sleek structure, a million components that bring the entire world to your hands. One of the recent advances in the mobile phone industry is to protect these costly smart machines from breakage.

Honda Mobile With Airbag

Leading Japanese car maker Honda has developed a smart-phone casing that has in-built airbags designed to protect the smart-phone from being damaged when dropped. Although it is just a concept for now and not yet a reality, but it is easy to imagine that this will make its way into futuristic mobile protection devices.

Flying Suit For Phone

Chinese inventor “Liu Lin” has filed an utility patent (CN204956923) disclosing a flying suit for mobile phone.


Phone Shell As A Drone

Chinese university “Jinling Institute Of Technology” has filed a patent (CN104580606) for a mobile phone shell capable of serving as a drone.While some of these futuristic concepts may seem uncertain, but it is soothing to know that companies have started to work on these technologies. Of course, none of these technologies add to the basic necessity of the human beings, and these are more likely going to become luxury features. But in this world where the relationships with phones are growing stronger than social affairs, who would mind giving wings to their phones.

Apple – Iphone Soft Landing

Apple Inc. was recently awarded a US patent 9342108 titled “Protecting An Electronic Device” claiming a method of protecting the phone during a freefall. The patent discloses a sensor to detect the freefall, height of the phone from the ground, and the orientation of the mobile phone. The phone then uses an in-built motor to alter its orientation towards the orientation that would minimize the impact of hitting the ground.



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