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Embark on your innovation journey with TT Consultants as your steadfast ally in US patentability search services. Our seasoned patent experts, well-versed in global patent norms, delve into an extensive array of patent and non-patent literature, employing cutting-edge AI & LLM technologies to shape a resolute and adaptable approach to patentability analysis globally. Your innovation is secured and elevated through our integrated IP services, crafted to bolster your inventiveness within the patent landscape. 

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Specialized patentability analysis

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Comprehensive Patentability Search

Comprehensive patent and NPL coverage

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Clear, strategic patentability reports

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Direct collaboration with analysts

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Customized, cost-effective patentability search solutions

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AI & LLM-powered patentability/novelty analysis and idea generation

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Leverage our strategic, AI & LLM-accelerated U.S. Patentability Analysis, ensuring your inventions not only see the light of day but shine brilliantly in the marketplace. 

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Why Trust TT Consultants for Patentability Search in the USA?

  • Dedicated team of 250+ members, specializing in various core domains 
  • In-depth novelty analysis from over 15+ global databases 
  • Flexible pricing plans, tailored to various budgets and requirements 
  • Optional success fee-based pricing plans 
  • Analytical reports available in 10+ languages 
  • Consistent updates and interim results, ensuring client-oriented control and direction. 
  • Generative AI powered Ideacue to suggest improvements upon existing ideas. 

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Identify prior art to invalidate a patent 

Provide evidence of non-obviousness or lack of novelty 

Mitigate Infringement Risks 

Evaluate Investment in a Market 

Benefit from TT Consultant’s Patent Invalidation Search Services

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AI-assisted Proprietary Platform XLSOUT complemented with human expertise

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Customized patent validity analysis tailored to your business needs

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Comprehensive analysis and insights into the validity of patents 

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Mitigate infringement risks and make informed business decisions

Mitigate risks and make informed decisions

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A patentability search involves examining patents, literature, and databases to determine whether your invention is novel and non-obvious, adhering to the patent laws. 

Leveraging AI & LLM technologies, a comprehensive database, and a skilled team, we ensure a meticulous examination of all potential prior arts relevant to your invention. 

Can TT Consultants assist in navigating through US patent application processes post patentability search?

Yes, our services extend beyond search, providing assistance in US patent application drafting, filing, and prosecution, ensuring your invention’s smooth journey towards patent grant. 

How are AI & LLM technologies utilized in patentability searches?

AI & LLM technologies enhance the search process, refining data analysis, ensuring relevance and comprehensiveness in identifying prior art and literature.

Does TT Consultants provide patent search services outside the US?

Yes, TT Consultants offers comprehensive global patent search services, catering to various international jurisdictions and patent landscapes. Our team is proficient in navigating both U.S. and international patent databases, ensuring thorough and precise search results regardless of geographic boundaries.

What industries does TT Consultants serve for patentability searches in the United States?

We cater to various industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and more, providing industry-specific expertise in patentability analysis for our US clients.

How does TT Consultants assure confidentiality during the patentability search process?

We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols, ensuring all your invention details and data are handled with utmost security and discretion. 

What differentiates TT Consultants’ patentability search services from others?

Our dedicated, US-centric approach, coupled with advanced technology and expert team, ensures a tailored, thorough, and strategic patentability search. 

In what formats can I receive the patentability search report?

Our reports are detailed, clear, and provided in various digital formats, ensuring easy comprehension and strategic alignment for your U.S. patent application 


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