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Why Infringement Analysis is necessary?

Patent infringement means the violation of the exclusive rights of the patent holder. Patent infringement analysis is conducted to check if someone is exercising the exclusive rights of a patent holder by using, offering to sell, or selling the product which is a patented invention without the patent owner’s consent. So, the main purpose to conduct a patent infringement analysis remains to protect the rights of a patent owner. 

Another use case of Infringement analysis can be Directed prosecution/ Target Enhanced Prosecution which can help companies in expanding their patent portfolios. The patent holder can file continuations of his patent by filing slightly different claims than the parent application keeping in view a target product or market evolution. This yields a better chance of a patent being infringed by a competitor. Directed prosecution can help companies build a high-value patent portfolio by keeping a check on the market and product developments around the invention. 

Claim charts are used to prove patent infringement. When any patent holder finds someone else using, selling, or offering to sell his product/technology/service using his patented technology without his/her consent, and decides to go for infringement analysis that’s when claim charts come into the picture. Patent infringement is executed by showing the claim charts in which generally detailed element-wise element claim chart mapping is provided.

Elements | Benefits

Value Ad of Infringement Search!

  • Claiming Monetary Damages
  • Making RnD decisions and future plans such as Acquisition decisions
  • Influence Sales or Licensing agreements
  • Prohibit others from Selling or Manufacturing Infringing Product(s)
  • Enhanced Targeted Prosecution

Process to conduct infringement search:

Infringement Searches and Claim Chart Mapping is our expertise!

Highly Qualified team having more than 12+ years of experience in infringements analysis  in diverse domains

Access to advanced proprietary internal modules such as video caption search module, standard search module, website crowdsourcing module

Dedicated software professionals for source code review

Inhouse AI enabled technology database for accurate results

Dedicated internal labs for product teardown to construct high-value EoU claim charts.

Collaboration with premium institutes/labs for core reverse engineering problems

Color-coded easy to understand claim charts

Litigation ready Claim Charts


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