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A State-of-the-Art (SOA) Patent Search is designed to quickly allow the searcher to see what is currently being developed in a given field/technology. The researcher shortlists a number of patents representing specific technology and domain.

TT Consultants offers a state-of-Art search with minimum time to cover the technology domain. Depending on the needs of the client, we provide various report types. We include a searcher’s comment with each prior art, just like we do with other searches, making the report very straightforward to interpret and analyse.

A Collection Search is a more accurate term for this search due to the collection of citations working around a particular invention.

TTC has access to multiple databases for design patent search : Orbit design, Patbase, Thomson Innovation, In-house tool – XLPAT, Global Design Database, and other databases.

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We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • Analysing and drafting Key-Feature of Subject Disclosure.

  • Broad Open Search with different search structures and databases.

  • Explainable AI-based Inhouse Tool - XLSCOUT

  • Ad-on List of Citations likely to be covering a single key feature.

Our Capabilities

30+ Technology and Industry expertise.

Different Patent & Non-Patent databases - Questel Orbit, Thomson Innovation, Esp@cenet, IEEE, Google scholar/patents, etc.

Inhouse tool XLSCOUT for problem-solving and evaluating novel ideas.

Language Capabilities: Handle invention disclosures, search, analysis and reporting in 16+ Languages.

Price : Highly optimized pricing for each budget and requirement.

Experience Market Research team.

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