Jun Chen

Jun Chen

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Jun Chen


Jun is the CEO for the Asia Pacific region. Jun is an Australian Taiwanese and a near-registered patent attorney in Australia. He has had a long and multifaceted career in patents and IP . Having graduated with Honours from the University of Melbourne with degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, he started working with Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick, a leading patent law firm in Australia. He then worked in leading patent research and consulting companies at operational and business development levels. Jun routinely engages with and fosters trust-based relationship with IP-directors from tech companies across the APAC region, and particularly in Taiwan and China. He is instrumental in helping corporates and law firms with industry wide SEP studies, competitive intelligence, risk study, litigation-grade invalidations and a host of other IP related consulting services. As a proficient Mandarin and English speaker, he will be readily engaged with various clients at different levels (remotely & in-person) in APAC region providing intelligent IP solutions of TTC and XLPAT. Having been involved in all aspects of IP services Jun is leading TT Consultants & XLPAT Labs to the forefront of IP technology information providers in the Asia Pacific region.

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