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Rich in protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients, milk is a crucial component of our diet, recognized globally for its nutritional value. Consequently, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations celebrates June 1 as World Milk Day to highlight its significance in global nutrition. 

The theme of this year’s World Milk Day, which is observed in numerous nations throughout the globe, is sustainability and the ways in which the dairy sector is minimizing its environmental impact. 

Even dairy companies have been compelled by the COVID-19 pandemic to embrace digitalization in order to engage customers effectively, understand their behavior, and collect data for optimization and efficiency benefits.  

In fact, businesses like Nestlé have established a goal to generate 25% of their sales through online channels by 2025. 

It is obvious that the dairy business, which earlier lagged behind in terms of digitalization, is now keeping up with the most recent advancements and working to make up for lost time. 

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Picture Shows the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry has come a long way from traditional farming methods and manual milk processing. Today, technological advancements and digitalization are transforming the dairy sector, improving efficiency, quality, and sustainability.  

Companies are harnessing the power of data, automation, and IoT (Internet of Things) to revolutionize everything from farm management to milk processing and distribution. 

List of Innovating Companies Digitalizing the Dairy Industry 

We’ll explore some innovative companies that are leading the charge in digitalizing the dairy industry. 


DeLaval is a global leader in dairy solutions, providing farmers with cutting-edge technology to improve productivity and animal welfare. Their robotic milking systems, such as the DeLaval VMS™ (Voluntary Milking System), utilize sensors and automation to allow cows to decide when they want to be milked.  

This reduces stress on the animals and increases milk production efficiency. DeLaval also offers farm management software that provides real-time data on cow health and performance. 


Connecterra, a Dutch agtech company, has developed an AI-powered system called “Ida.” Ida is a wearable device that attaches to cows and collects data on their behavior, health, and fertility.  

Using machine learning algorithms, Ida can predict and detect health issues, and even when a cow is in heat, helping farmers make informed decisions about their herd’s well-being and reproduction. 


SomaDetect, a Canadian startup, has created a device that can analyze milk quality instantly. Their sensor technology measures key indicators like fat content and somatic cell counts directly in the milking parlor.  

This real-time data allows farmers to optimize their herd’s nutrition, identify health issues early, and ensure milk quality meets industry standards. 


MooCall is an Irish company that offers a calving sensor. This device attaches to a cow’s tail and alerts farmers via a mobile app when the cow is about to give birth.  

This early notification helps ensure that cows receive proper care during calving, reducing calf mortality rates and stress on both the cow and the farmer. 


While not exclusively focused on dairy, FarmLogs provides farm management software that can benefit dairy farmers. Their platform helps farmers optimize crop production, manage resources efficiently, and monitor weather conditions.  

This data-driven approach can indirectly impact dairy farming by improving feed quality and availability. 


Dairymaster, an Irish company, offers a range of dairy equipment, including milking machines and automated feeding systems. Their MooMonitor+ system uses wearable technology to monitor cow health and fertility. 

It provides insights into each cow’s individual needs, optimizing their care and productivity. 


AfiMilk, part of the BouMatic Group, offers a comprehensive dairy farm management system. Their solution includes milking parlor automation, cow monitoring, and data analysis tools.  

Farmers can track individual cow performance, health, and nutrition, leading to better decision-making and increased efficiency. 

The dairy industry’s embrace of digitalization is revolutionizing the way farms operate, making them more efficient, sustainable, and animal-friendly. These innovative companies are at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging technology to provide dairy farmers with valuable insights and tools for better herd management, milk quality, and overall farm productivity.  

How Companies are Digitally Streamlining Dairy Operations 

The dairy industry, with its rich history and deep-rooted traditions, might not be the first sector that comes to mind when you think of digital innovation. However, in recent years, a digital revolution has been quietly taking place within dairy farms and processing facilities worldwide.  

Companies have been harnessing the power of technology to optimize every aspect of dairy production, from cow health monitoring to milk quality control.  

Automating Milking Processes 

One of the most significant advancements in dairy technology is the automation of milking processes. Companies like DeLaval and Lely have introduced robotic milking systems that use sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to milk cows autonomously.  

These robots not only reduce the labor required but also allow cows to be milked when they want, leading to higher milk yields and healthier animals. 

Wearable Technology for Cows

Yes, you read that correctly. Wearable tech isn’t just for humans. Companies like Connecterra have developed wearable devices that cows can wear to monitor their health and behavior. 

These devices use AI algorithms to analyze data and provide insights into each cow’s well-being, helping farmers detect illnesses early and optimize feeding and breeding schedules. 

Instant Milk Quality Analysis 

Ensuring milk quality is crucial in the dairy industry. Companies such as SomaDetect have developed sensors that can analyze milk quality in real time.  

These devices are placed in the milking parlor and measure parameters like fat content and somatic cell counts instantly.  

This information helps farmers make quick decisions about milk quality and animal health. 

Predictive Analytics for Herd Management

Predictive analytics and data-driven decision-making are becoming essential in dairy farming. Companies like Afimilk provide farm management software that collects data on individual cows’ performance, allowing farmers to make informed decisions about breeding, nutrition, and health management. 

Calving Alerts

MooCall, offers a calving sensor that attaches to a cow’s tail and sends an alert to the farmer’s mobile phone when the cow is about to give birth. This technology reduces calf mortality rates and ensures that cows receive timely assistance during calving, improving animal welfare.

Precision Feeding Systems

Companies like Trioliet are developing precision feeding systems that use digital technology to create customized feed rations for each cow based on their nutritional needs. This not only optimizes milk production but also reduces feed wastage.

Remote Monitoring and Control

IoT (Internet of Things) technology has enabled remote monitoring and control of dairy farm equipment. Farmers can now check on their operations, adjust settings, and receive alerts on their smartphones, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency. 


The dairy industry’s digital transformation is improving efficiency, productivity, and animal welfare. These innovative companies are leveraging technology to provide farmers with valuable insights, real-time data, and automation tools that make dairy farming more sustainable and profitable.  

As the digitalization of the dairy industry continues to evolve, we can expect even more exciting developments that will shape the future of dairy farming. It’s clear that technology and dairy can be a winning combination for both farmers and consumers alike. 

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