Lignin Biorefinery: An effective Biomass conversion to Value added Product

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An abundance in lignocellulosic biomass globally can emerge as an important solution for ever increasing fuel and chemical demands. A sustainable conversion of the biomass in the value-added products, sugars and fuels, i.e. a sustainable biorefinery seems to be the future of effective biomass utilization.

Intellectual Property(IP) Trend
Since there is constant innovation in the lignin driven biorefinery based research, there is a very significant rise in the IP trend as well (Fig.2 -Fig.9). If we look at the major innovators/assignee in this domain, we see API intellectual property holdings up top. However, the academic institutions make a very significant share in the overall IP trend.
IP trends in Lignin

Fig 1. Major Assignees involved in lignin driven research

IP Trends - Lignin Biorefinery

Fig 2. IP trend amongst the industry, academia and independent inventors

Market Trends

The lignin is emerging as a very potent alternative/precursor for various aromatics and polymers. The market is expected to grow at the rate of 3.42% during the period 2018-2023 from current 974.6 million, where it may form a major share in the cement industry as a cement additive. If we look at the global scenario, Europe appears to be the major market for lignin based products which currently accounts for approximately 34% of the total market share. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the research and innovation in the lignin biorefinery is going to see a greater boom in the near future, drifting the current manufacturing and construction practices towards greener alternatives.


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