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Industry: Cybersecurity and Encryption Technology  

Challenge: Articulating a complex biometric encryption patent for international protection TT Consultants’  

Solution: Synergistic AI-assisted Drafting and Expert Legal Refinement 

The success of the patent application underscored TT Consultants’ commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology alongside human expertise. This case exemplifies our ability to handle complex tech IP challenges with agility and precision, setting a new benchmark for IP consulting and tech innovation. 

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Navigating Complex IP Terrain for Biometric Encryption Technology 

A tech startup based in Silicon Valley, specializing in cybersecurity, had developed a sophisticated encryption algorithm using biometric inputs. Their innovation promised to revolutionize user authentication by enhancing security protocols across digital platforms. As the technology prepared to enter a competitive market, the company recognized the urgent need to secure its intellectual property on a global scale. 

The Challenge: Protecting a Novel Biometric Encryption Method  

The startup faced a multifaceted challenge: drafting a PCT patent application that could accurately encompass the technical nuances of their biometric encryption method. The technology involved a complex interplay of software engineering, cryptography, and biometric data processing—a trifecta that required precise legal and technical articulation to ensure broad and enforceable patent coverage. 

Introducing DraftingLLM: AI-Driven Drafting Expertise  

Enter TT Consultants and our DraftingLLM module: an AI-driven tool trained on vast legal and technical datasets, capable of generating comprehensive initial patent drafts. This system was particularly adept at grappling with the multi-disciplinary nature of the startup’s innovation, providing a well-structured draft that encapsulated the unique aspects of the biometric encryption process. 

Expert Refinement for Optimal Protection  

Upon generation of the AI-assisted draft, our team of expert patent attorneys and technical specialists dove deep into the draft’s refinement. They dissected the encryption algorithm, analyzed the use of biometric data, and constructed claims that were not only novel but also non-obvious and fully enabled. This process included: 

  • Crafting claims that captured the innovative step of integrating biometric data with real-time encryption. 
  • Ensuring the description was detailed enough to satisfy the sufficiency of disclosure requirements across jurisdictions. 
  • Anticipating and pre-empting potential objections by clearly defining the scope of the invention. 
  • Incorporating strategic fallback positions to safeguard against future legal challenges.

Rapid Turnaround with Robust Outcomes 

Our collaborative approach between AI and human expertise resulted in a patent application of the highest caliber, ready for PCT submission in a fraction of the usual time. The startup was not only able to file promptly but did so with the confidence that their IP rights were robustly protected. 

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