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In the ever-evolving landscape of intellectual property (IP) rights, it is crucial for businesses to understand and navigate the complexities surrounding patents, trademarks, and copyrights. One essential tool in this realm is the freedom-to-operate (FTO) search, which enables companies to assess potential infringement risks and legal obstacles before launching new products or services. 

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The ability of your company to create, produce, and market goods without incurring legal obligations to third parties (such as other patent holders) is known as freedom to operate (FTO).  

Only two situations result in a fully conclusive FTO finding. One scenario involves a business licensing the patent, in which case the business is aware that, barring contract violations, it will not be held liable for patent infringement. In another, the third-party patent is either found to not have been infringed upon or to be invalid, at which point the FTO status is finally determined.  

In some circumstances, a business will depend on both justifications (for instance, the business may rely on the non-infringement of some patent claims and the invalidity of other claims). 

What is a Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) Search? 

A freedom-to-operate (FTO) search is a comprehensive investigation into existing patents, trademarks, and copyrights to determine whether a particular product, process, or service infringes upon the rights of others. It assesses the legal freedom of a company to operate in a particular market or introduce a new offering without violating any existing IP rights. 

What Is Freedom To Operate Analysis?  

Infringement Analysis  

The United States Code states:  

Except as otherwise provided in this title, whoever without authority makes, uses, offers to sell, or sells any patented invention, within the United States or imports into the United States any patented invention during the term of the patent, therefore, infringes the patent. 

 In this context, there are various ways that infringement can happen. The term “literal infringement” refers to the proposed product really violating the written claim.  

The “doctrine of equivalents,” a judicially developed doctrine, attaches infringement liability even in the absence of literal infringement, even when the infringing device or process does not fall within the literal scope of a patent claim, but is nonetheless equivalent to the claimed invention.   

Infringement may also be “direct,” “contributory,” or “induced.” Making, using, proposing to sell, selling, or importing any patented invention into the United States without authorization throughout the patent’s term constitutes a direct infringement of the patent.   

When a device is claimed in a patent and a third party provides a product that can only be legitimately utilized to create the claimed device, this is an example of indirect infringement. Infringement that is “contributory” or “induced” is referred to as indirect infringement in the US.

Invalidity Analysis 

An invention must be patentable, novel, and nonobvious in order for a claim to be considered valid, and the specification must adhere to the standards set forth in 35 U.S.C. 112 (including definiteness, written descriptions, enablement, and best mode). 

What Is The Importance Of Conducting An FTO Search?

Risk Mitigation: An FTO search is essential to identify potential obstacles and risks associated with intellectual property rights before launching a new product or service. By conducting this search, businesses can minimize the chances of infringement claims, costly legal disputes, and potential damage to their reputation. 

Avoiding Infringement Claims: Infringing on someone else’s patent, trademark, or copyright can lead to serious legal repercussions, including cease and desist orders, financial penalties, and even litigation. An FTO search helps businesses identify existing IP rights that might pose a risk to their operations and allows them to make informed decisions to avoid infringement. 

Competitive Advantage: By conducting an FTO search, companies can gain insights into the existing IP landscape related to their industry. This knowledge enables them to navigate around existing patents, trademarks, or copyrights, potentially providing them with a competitive advantage and the ability to design products or services that do not infringe upon others’ rights. 

Strategic Decision Making: FTO searches can help businesses make informed decisions regarding product development, market-entry, and investment. It allows them to assess the feasibility and profitability of their ideas, while minimizing legal risks, potentially saving substantial time and resources. 

Negotiation Power: Identifying existing IP rights through an FTO search gives businesses the opportunity to negotiate licenses or collaborations with patent or trademark holders. This can lead to mutually beneficial agreements that facilitate innovation and market access while avoiding costly legal disputes. 

When Should You Conduct An FTO Search? 

Before releasing your new product on the market, you’ll obviously want to know if it has any characteristics that run the risk of giving rise to a patent infringement lawsuit. Does this imply that you ought to start an FTO search right away? 

There is no ideal moment to carry out an FTO search. The invention you’re working on might change so much if you begin the search extremely early in the course of innovation that it would no longer be relevant. But if you become aware of any earlier patents with similar scope, you could modify your idea. 

Additionally, finding related patents will help you come up with strategies for designing around the current claims that are most likely to be infringed. 

It can be too late to change the invention if you discover that you are violating IP rights if you wait until too far along in the development stage. You’ll lose money and time doing this. 

Fortunately, it is possible to do FTO searches repeatedly throughout the development stages of your idea thanks to modern tools. 

How Much Importance Does A FTO Search Hold? 

The importance of an FTO search varies depending on the industry, the nature of the product or service, and the business’s risk appetite. In some cases, such as highly regulated industries or technology-driven sectors, conducting an FTO search is paramount to ensure compliance and avoid costly setbacks.   

However, even in industries where the risk of IP infringement may seem lower, an FTO search can still provide valuable insights and mitigate potential risks. 

The cost of an FTO search can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the technology, the number of jurisdictions involved, and the depth of analysis required. The expenses associated with an FTO search should be viewed as an investment rather than a cost, as it helps businesses avoid potential legal entanglements, safeguard their reputation, and make informed decisions for sustainable growth. 

What Is An FTO Opinion? 

When you receive clearance, it’s commonly referred to as an FTO opinion, because the FTO search determined that your invention won’t violate any other IP rights. 

Even if the FTO opinion declares otherwise, there may still be certain risks since patent clearance is not always complete. Having an FTO opinion wouldn’t stop the owner of the patent you are potentially infringing on from suing you, even if the search indicates that there is no possibility your innovation will violate other patents. 

What Do FTO Searches Cost?  

An FTO search can cost anything between a few thousand and ten thousand dollars. This is due to the significant amount of labor required and the fact that the stakes are much higher than they are when doing a patentability search. 

Additionally, there may be circumstances in which conducting a search is completely impracticable. The search may not even be possible if you were to conduct an FTO for a product that has a lot of features. 

An FTO search is required to make sure you may incorporate your idea into any commercial activity without worrying about being accused of IP infringement, just as completing a patentability search is necessary to make sure your invention is original and doesn’t appear in the prior art. While an FTO search is fairly expensive, not conducting one could wind up costing you much more. 


In today’s competitive business environment, understanding and respecting intellectual property rights is crucial. Conducting a freedom-to-operate (FTO) search allows businesses to navigate the complex landscape of patents, trademarks, and copyrights and make informed decisions regarding new product development, market-entry, and investment.   

By mitigating risks, avoiding infringement claims, and identifying opportunities for collaboration, an FTO search empowers businesses to operate smoothly, and protect their interests.   

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