Enforcing Most Suitable Patents in a Portfolio Using Automation

Enforcing Most Suitable Patents in a Portfolio Using Automation

A Patent licensing attorney OR a professional, dedicates a large chunk of his job in finding the answers to the below:

  • What Patents in a Patent Portfolio are most valuable ?
  • What Patents in a Portfolio to assert against :
  1. Competitor T1
  2. Competitor T2
  • Which products of Competition are infringing a Patent Portfolio?
  • Whether the Patents selected thereof are Valid?

The above problems are some of the most time consuming, tedious and any mistake in any of the queries may cost millions of dollars in good Cash.

Fortunately, solutions to most of the problems mentioned above, are easier to find using our latest data crunching technologies (some of them available to public on XLPAT 2.0 www.xlpat.com).

Companies have already yielded numerous benefits from Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from about 2 Trillion data points available on XLPAT.

Several indicators of go/no go and most suitable patents to enforce can be taken using a sophisticated network of :

  • Data points
  • Learning algorithms
  • Related data setsf
  • Standards related information coded on to the machine

XLPAT 2.0 is able to predict most precise evidence of infringement.

“This kind of an effort has not been attempted before and companies have already benefited from these multiple data points”says an industry expert who is closely associated with development of the product.

Further, we also understand that everything cannot be done by the machine (atleast as of now) and so, we always have the Human information (ratifying the machine)

XLPAT 2.0 will be showcased at the IPO Annual meeting in San Francisco and also launched formally at an even in BAY Area.

XLPAT 2.0 will also exhibit among the world’s largest industry leaders at the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival 2017.

About XLPAT :

XLPAT is a machine learning, AI based Patent and Technology literature decision making engine that helps companies in making technology decisions. XLPAT is currently used by over 60 companies and 300 users across the world. XLPAT 2.0 will be launched in multiple locations globally in 2017. For further details you can visit www.xlpat.com