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TT Consultants’ Invalidation Search Report assists at the time of licensing or monetizing the patent. The Patent Invalidity Search enables the patentee in seeking the best possible agreement or monetary advantage. After conducting a comprehensive prior art search in relevant technology, the patentee will be able to examine a specific prior art carried by the potential licensor or defendant.

Patent Invalidation Search deals with a thorough analysis of all similar documents prior to the filing of the patent. The Prior Art Search process involves identifying relevant prior art documents to invalidate the patent. When an organization is concerned about the infringement of a specific patent, it is usually utilized as a defensive measure.

Validity Search helps clients during Mergers, Acquisitions, licensing, or valuation. The main objective of a Patent Validation Process is to identify patents that the Patent Office may have issued in error (or allowed specific claims contained in the patent).

Every year, giant corporations such as Apple, Google, Intel, Samsung, and others achieve a significant amount of income simply by suing.

Although Patent Examiners are highly competent at what they do, they are not infallible, and they are frequently working under tight deadlines. They may have overlooked an important piece of previous art, resulting in the grant of a patent with claims that should never have been permitted.

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We’ve always recognized the value of the latest technology applied by our highly experienced executive team with backgrounds as varied as our experts.

  • Analyzing the subject patent including with the file wrapper.

  • Open search with different search structures (i.e. Patent Webbing search, Inequitable search and more).

  • Analyzing in multiple Patent/Non-Patent Databases.

  • Explainable AI-based Inhouse Tool - XLSCOUT.

  • Mapping each key feature with a searcher’s comment and an additional citations list.

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30+ Technology and Industry expertise.

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Inhouse Tool XLSCOUT : Explainable AI.

Price: Highly optimized pricing for each budget and requirement.

Patent and Non-Patent Literature from 100+ Countries in multiple technology areas covered via 10+ Specialized Databases.

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