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The technology landscape is ever evolving with continuous changes that bring with them significant improvements each time. Mobile wireless technology is no exception to this rule. It has progressed from 2G to 5G in a short period of time. While 5G still continues to find its feet and become universally applicable, the mobile network industry is already gearing up for the next gen 6G tech. Below we elaborate on the two cutting-edge technologies and shed light on the debate on 6G v/s 5G.

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Understanding the 5G Technology

The fifth-generation wireless network technology standard is expected to revolutionize the market with its faster speed, gigantic capacity, and lower latency. The following advancements can be expected from 5G: 

The low- to mid-frequency “non-standalone” 5G network is capable of handling a greater density of devices at faster speeds. This means consumers can access files, applications etc., at higher speeds than ever before.  

5G allows millions of devices to be connected to a network. As more devices connect to a network, the application and usage of IoT will be favored. This will make it possible for homes and industries to be automated. 

The time between ordering an action on a device to its execution is referred to as latency. The latency in 5G is expected to be 10 times lower than in 4G. This translates to widening its applications to remote management. For e.g., doctors would be able to perform surgeries virtually without being physically present using remotely managed precision instrumentation. Other avenues like remote transportation could also become a reality.  

Network slicing means creating multiple networks over a common multi-domain infrastructure. With 5G network slicing each slice can have its own management system to support a specific use case. While the functional components like quality, latency, speed etc., can be shared amongst them.  

The Path to 6G Technology

Even as 5G awaits a complete rollout, research and testing have already begun on the trailblazing 6G technology. It is expected to overcome any shortcomings in 5G and plug the gaps. The most obvious improvement would be in terms of 6G v/s 5G speed. 6G will have the capability of delivering a whopping speed of 1 terabyte/second or 8,000 gigabits/second. To put this in perspective, one needs 56 gigabits of data per hour to view content on Netflix. With 6G tech, you will only need one second to download about 142 hours of content! 

6G v/s 5G

The differences between 5G and 6G are summed up below: 

Both 5G and 6G use high spectrum data as compared to 4G or 3G networks. In the case of 5G, the band frequency is wider as it can work in both low and high band frequencies (between sub-6 GHz and above 24.25 GHz). 6G on the other hand operates in the frequency range of 95 GHz to 3 THz (Terahertz). 

Since 6G operates in terahertz frequency bands, it is capable of functioning at far higher speeds. It will deliver a peak data rate of 1,000 gigabits/s with extremely low latency rates when compared to 6G. In short, in 6G v/s 5G speed, 6g is anticipated to be 100 times faster than 5G. 


5G transformed the Internet of Things into a reality with practical applicability. It allowed the widening of frequencies thus making it much easier to handle the data transmitted by smart devices. 6G is expected to operate on even higher frequencies thereby offering a mammoth jump in the number of devices that can be supported on a single network. This will further amplify IoT usage. 

5G already offers a massive upgrade of data transmission over 4G which provided a latency of approximately 50 milliseconds (ms). The latency of 5G is 5 ms while with 6G it drops further down to 1ms. This latency rate will make it possible for huge amounts of data to be transferred in a mere second. 

Application of 6G

The new and advanced 6G tech will impact and revolutionize multiple sectors. Discussed here are a few fields that will benefit from 6G: 

6G will prove the harbinger of smart societies with a focus on automation. This will lead to better living standards and environmental monitoring. 6G will make smart homes and automated transport a reality. 

6G will enable the building of a smart healthcare system aided by reliable remote monitoring. Innovations like holographic telepresence, AR/VR, AI, and mobile edge computing will help transport medical data seamlessly and increase the reach and accessibility of quality healthcare

Augmented reality (AR), Mixed reality (MR), and VR together form the trinity of extended reality and are important features of the 6G technology. With the help of 6G, users will be able to enjoy a truly immersive AM/VR/MR experience. 

6G offers fast and reliable connectivity between devices and the server. This characteristic is expected to make automated vehicles like self-driven cars and UAVs common in everyday life. Besides transport, this will find applicability in manufacturing as well. The network integrity offered by 6G will make the automatic control of devices, processes, and systems a reality.  


It is expected that 6G will be launched by the year 2030. It is already an attractive proposition for businesses operating in the field of mobile communication technology. The bottom line is that 6G will bring incredible advancements that will revolutionize and transform the way we understand and use mobile communication networks.  

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