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Today’s scenario, all the mobile subscribers need a faster speed of data along with more reliable and trusted service. This latest technology promises to deliver with high efficiency and fastest speed. With this revolutionary technology, the users will enjoy the high speed for high quality. The user will be able to download the high definition files in a few seconds rather than spending a few minutes downloading the same file in 4G LTE.

This fifth-generation wireless technology is presently creating much exhilaration in the telecommunications industry and is the next successful and most demanding advanced technology in wireless data communications. Apart from other communications, the new 5G technology is not the updated version of 1G to 2G, 3G, 4G mobile communications. It is a totally different technology. Basically, 5G provides higher bandwidth and high data rates with remarkably less delays during transmission of signals.

Companies in 5G technology

There are many major companies in the race of 5G technology. Various 5G patent owners and market leaders are there in the market by enabling 5G connectivity in various markets. The 5G SEP owners are Samsung Electronics, Huawei Technologies, ZTE and Ericsson Inc. However, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm are also in the SEP race of 5G technology. In consideration of the technical contribution to the 5G standard.


The World Economic Forum describes 5G as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The major players in the 5G market claim that 5G will be bigger than electricity by 2035. This new technology named as 5G are going to generate billions of dollars in upcoming years when implemented for various applications. There are many telecom sector giants who are motivated to get a hold on the upcoming wave.

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5G- The Future of Communication Networks


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