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How the world is looking at AI through the IP lens

A report on AI and IP Policy released by the USPTO details the lacuna in the law as is, and possible changes. The Report acknowledges that US patent law is replete with language indicating that an inventor must be a natural person. The report was opened up to comments and from the responses received, the following could be ascertained:

Is AI capable of invention…yet?
Can what AI creates fall within the definition of an invention for the purposes of law? How much of what AI creates can be attributed to AI completely? Can any of it at all? Will the data sets used to train AI be considered part of the invention? Is AI without human intervention capable of inventing? At this point, there are more questions than answers, and naturally so. 

We are all trying to keep up with AI advancements, while being responsible for the same. What a time to be alive! We are also at a stage where we really do have more questions than answers. Will the law be able to keep up with AI advancements? Only time will tell! 

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