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Diverse smart devices or communication machines in the modern era necessitate varied communication technology for different communication aims, such as wireless communication systems/networks in 4G/5G networks, Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) Networks, Bluetooth Network systems, and many more.

  • Automotive Industry
  • IoT Industry
  • Remote Health Monitoring Industry
  • Wearable Industry

Quick SEP Insight
As connectivity technologies are gradually integrated into mechanical products, the next industrial revolution will see increasing technological convergence. While connectivity modules in cars may be little now, experts anticipate that in the future, connected vehicles will divert customer attention away from the automotive and onto the larger issue of transportation.

Quick SEP Insight for   Automobile Technologies

Read the full report of Cross-Domain Implementation of SEP Patents to analyze the detailed breakdown in multiple domain like Automotive Industry, IoT Industry, Remote Health Monitoring Industry and Wearable Industry. All these industry domain has overall SEP (Standard Essential Patent) Insights with technologies like 5G, Wi-fi (Wireless-Fidelity), BT (Bluetooth) and others.

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Cross-Domain Implementation of SEP Patents


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