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With wheel of life being a concern for anything on this earth, efficient maintenance is always a bliss. Use of Computers is now an indispensable part of corporate or education sector rather than an amenity around the table. Perpetuating data for us, computers as highly complex machines are often seen fighting a losing battle with the simplest of things like dust particles. Being exposed to dust throughout its shelf life, it becomes essential to keep the system guarded or else problems like jammed keys, slow typing speeds, overheating due to vent blockages etc. will pop out, asking for your attention.

Along with the piled-up dust particles, accidental liquid spills are another nightmare. Though seen as a run of the mill, these are capable of corroding the circuitry of the buttons, leading to premature death of your system. That is why silicon experts and many tech companies, like Apple and Razor are working on making keyboards capable of getting rid of the dust by its own.

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