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MP3 started its service around the 1990s when Internet was not widely available and people were dependent mostly on radio and cassettes. Only those who had decent internet connections and modern media equipment back then were using Internet supported media formats like ‘WAV’. Notably, file sizes of MP3 files were way lesser than its WAV counterparts. Thereby, as soon as MP3 landed on the Internet, its popularity got viral and it quickly became the most popular music file format available on the internet for download.

What does MP3 stand for?
MP3 stands for MPEG1 Layer 3, wherein MPEG stands for “Moving Picture Experts Group”. In layman language, MPEG broadly relates to techniques/ standards of data compression. MPEG1 was used for compressing video CDs data, MPEG2 was used for DVD level compression, MPEG3 was never widely used, MPEG4 (.MP4 extension) is well known nowadays for Internet videos and is even used in Blu-Rays.

Now coming back to MP3, MP3 also is a data compression standard that is adopted specifically for audio files. MP3 was specially derived from layer 3 of MPEG1, for audio file compression. However, later on, MP3 standard was also upgraded to use MPEG2 standard instead of MPEG1. Further, to ease things up, the term MP3 was also used as a file extension (e.g., song1.mp3) of audio files that were compressed using MP3 compression standards. That is why, every one refers to music files as MP3 files, although MP3 originally is just a data compression standard.

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