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Autonomous cars are a new Technological leap in the field of transportation. Imagine millions of cars, heavy-duty vehicles, ships, etc. being driven without drivers which will save a lot of human labor. Also, if such technology makes commuting safe and makes you reach your destination in time with 100% safety, it will save many innocent lives which are lost every year due to human carelessness or negligence while driving. 

This technology is considered to be the NEXT BIG THING in the automobile sector. By combining the use of artificial intelligence and a bunch of sensors we will soon see cars roaming around with the driver seat being empty.

As with each new technology comes a new IP portfolio which makes the innovators dominate the market in the years to come; the top automobile tycoons to maximize their IP portfolio ranking and value in the domain of the self-driving car have already entered into a road rage by filing patent applications in various patent offices all over the world.

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