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Teardown Report for Realme Watch Version: 81.0

When any company feels that someone else makes/sells or produces any product/technology/service using his patented technology then the company wants to prove patent infringement by using claim charts. Here we come into play to provide a teardown report where tearing down the products in-depth can help you find loopholes.

When it comes to searching for target competitors’ products for infringement analysis, companies still rely on traditional web search engines (i.e Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) for identifying target products that overlap with the patent claims. But we have an solution (i.e the teardown report) where we deeply analyse the physical product as per the requirement.

Download the Full Tear-Down Report.

In this tear-down report a model of Realme Watch Version: 81.0 is crafted with trendsetting design and technology, which is a new incoming to the smartwatch market.

The report includes the step by step dis-assembly of the realme watch Version: 81.0 accompanied by detailed tear-down of major sections (i.e straps, display, PCB chip, charger, sensors and many more), with in-depth analysis and specifications for new Realme Watch Version: 81.0.

Download the Tear-Down report of Realme watch and know what extra features have helped it to enter the new market and challenge other tech giants with its new innovation & technology.

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Teardown-Report-Realme-Watch-by-TT consultants


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