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Smartphones  have transformed our lives and have become an inseparable  part of our lives. As the whole world is going into the new phase of technological performance, our needs have become more sophisticated. On the one hand, we need speed and quality, and we need  effectiveness on the other hand. Smartphone is that smart solution, small enough to be carried in a pocket. But, what if your gadget is dying out of battery and there is no outlet nearby? And what if you can borrow some battery from your friend? Sometimes we just need 5 to 10% battery to make an urgent call or send an important message. 

Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be if your friend’s phone Wi-Fi hotspot could transfer the battery power like it transfers data to your device. Here’s  the future of charging technology on your device.

We all know that our phones can be charged by plugging in a charger into an outlet. But, technology has given us another reason to be astounded as it has come up with a whole new idea of charging a handset from another handset.

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Let’s Steal Battery from a Friend’s phone - TTC


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