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Artificial Intelligence is a back end algorithm that programs machines to emulate and extend human behaviour and actions. Education forms the basis of all knowledge and progress. Therefore, empowering and updating educational systems with AI resulted in a worthy evaluation of assessments by making them less of a BlackBox. The dominant artificial intelligence technique is machine learning and is found in 40% of all AI-related patents.

AI in the education sector has opened the doors for a deeper understanding of what type of knowledge is required, what’s the best way to acquire and learn from it. For instance, the introduction of any tutoring apps which provide support for students or learners, making them less dependent on tuition, teachers and parents. Students can fetch content independent of barriers like region, language, accessibility and affordability. The patent mentions deep learning grew at an average rate of 175% from 2013-16.

Companies are now merging both the organic and the artificial by applying deep learning systems to innovate how people are educated. Mentions of neural networks grew annually at an average rate of 46% over the same period. Companies make up 333 of the top 500 AI patent applicants and the rest of them are universities or research organizations. A few of the leading companies filing AI patents are IBM, Alphabet and Microsoft. IBM Watson Education team is focused on using AI to improve learning outcomes. AI acts as an added assistant in the classroom to encourage lifelong learning where each person is met with the individualized tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Microsoft is leading the race for AI Patents into 2019. Microsoft Word is used all the time to create essays. Part of the AI in the back end means that as students are writing reports the text can be analysed and sentiment analysed to inform the teacher. Alphabet has acquired the largest number (18) of AI companies.

The aim is to make students well-versed in technologies and shape up their future. With AI, the education sector has transformed the field of teaching and learning. Now, it has become possible to explore and discover the vast depths of the education sector effectively.


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