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Foxconn Profile

Foxconn, officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., is a global electronics manufacturing giant headquartered in Taiwan. Established in 1974, Foxconn has grown to become one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers of electronic products. Renowned for its expertise in assembling products such as iPhones, iPads, and other consumer electronics, Foxconn plays a crucial role in the supply chains of major technology companies.   

With a vast network of facilities across the globe, the company is a key player in the manufacturing industry, contributing significantly to the production of a wide range of electronic devices.

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Quantifying Foxconn Patents

As of the end of 2023, Foxconn’s patent portfolio is remarkable, boasting 1801 active patent families globally. This portfolio also includes 1473 patent families that are no longer active and 237 pending patent families.

These numbers highlight Foxconn’s significant role in the tech industry, showcasing its vast array of inventions and innovations. With a substantial presence in various countries around the world, Foxconn demonstrates its widespread influence and commitment to advancing technology on a global scale.

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How Many Patents Foxconn Have?

This Pie Chart Shows the number of active, pending and dead patents.

Foxconn have 1801 active, 1473 expired, and 237 pending patents families.

How Many Patents Did Foxconn File Every Year?

Foxconn IP Trends

How Many Foxconn Patents File in Different Countries? 

Foxconn patents are filed in numerous countries, reflecting its international presence and the strategic importance of protecting its inventions across the globe. The Foxconn countries list 2023 includes major markets where Foxconn operates and maintains its technological leadership. 

IPC Classification Wise Patent Trends by Technology Domain

Foxconn GIF

IPC Classification 


Details of coupling devices of the kinds covered by groups or H01R12/70 H01R24/00-H01R33/00  


Structural associations of a plurality of mutually-insulated electrical connecting elements, specially adapted for printed circuits, e.g. printed circuit boards  


Two-part coupling devices, or either of their cooperating parts, characterised by their overall structure  


Apparatus or processes specially adapted for manufacturing, assembling, maintaining, or repairing of line connectors or current collectors or for joining electric conductors  


Constructional details common to different types of electric apparatus  


Light guides; Structural details of arrangements comprising light guides and other optical elements, e.g. couplings  


Coupling devices specially adapted for supporting apparatus and having one part acting as a holder providing support and electrical connection via a counterpart which is structurally associated with the apparatus, e.g. lamp holders; Separate parts thereof  


Coupling parts adapted for co-operation with two or more dissimilar counterparts  


Four or more poles  


Electrically-conductive connections between two or more conductive members in direct contact, i.e. touching one another; Means for effecting or maintaining such contact; Electrically-conductive connections having two or more spaced connecting locations for conductors and using contact members penetrating insulation  


Foxconn patents are diverse, covering a range of IPC classifications from Details of coupling devices (H01R13) to Electrically-conductive connections between two or more conductive members in direct contact (H01R4). Foxconn stats reveal that the company not only focuses on current technological needs but also paves the way for future advancements. 

Emerging Trends in Foxconn Technology: A Comparative View


H01R13 (Electrical Plugs, Sockets) 

H01R12 (Cable Connectors) 

Focus of Innovation 

Improved connection reliability, miniaturization, high-power handling 

Advanced materials, data transmission capabilities, harsh environment resistance 

Key Technological Advancements 

Spark-resistant designs, self-locking mechanisms, integrated surge protection, high-temperature connectors 

Coaxial cable connectors for high-speed data transmission, fiber optic connectors, waterproof and dustproof connectors, microwave connectors 

Top Patent Filing Subcategories (Estimated) 

Spark-resistant plug and socket designs, self-locking mechanisms for connectors, integrated surge protection in connectors 

High-speed data transmission connectors, fiber optic connector technology, waterproof connectors for harsh environments 

Impact on Industries 

Consumer electronics, automotive, industrial equipment 

Telecommunications, data centers, robotics, aerospace 

Projected Future Trends 

Smart connectors with integrated sensors and communication capabilities 

Development of connectors for even higher data rates and next-generation networks (e.g., 6G) 


Comparing different aspects of Foxconn patents, such as Electrical Plugs, Sockets and Cable Connectors, highlights the company’s foresight in areas like machine learning and quantum computing. These trends are indicative of where Foxconn inventions are steering the future of technology. 

Notable Publications and Citation Frequency

The Chart below depicts the patents with most number of forward citations. These patents are likely to be the source of advancement in the domain and can be considered as valuable and core inventions. 


Foxconn’s patent landscape up to 2023 demonstrates a robust commitment to innovation and leadership in electronics manufacturing. With a significant presence in key global markets, evidenced by high patent grant rates in regions like Taiwan and China, Foxconn’s vast portfolio underscores its role as a technological pioneer.  

The company’s focus on cutting-edge domains, from connectivity to advanced manufacturing processes, aligns with emerging industry trends, preparing it for future advancements.  

Particularly, patents with numerous forward citations highlight Foxconn’s contributions to core technologies that will shape the future of consumer electronics and telecommunications. This strategic approach to innovation not only solidifies Foxconn’s position in the industry but also marks it as a driving force behind sustainable technological progress. 

Note: This Data is extracted from 2013 to 2023 and on the basis of patent Families.

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