What Did The Patent Landscape of Johnson and Johnson Look Like?

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Johnson and Johnson’s Profile

Johnson & Johnson is a multinational corporation that specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling a wide range of healthcare products. It was founded in 1886 by Robert Wood Johnson I, James Wood Johnson, and Edward Mead Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. 

Today, Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, with operations in over 60 countries and a market cap of approximately $452 billion  

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 Quantifying Johnson and Johnson’s Patents

Johnson & Johnson‘s patent portfolio stands as a testament to its innovation and industry leadership, boasting 6926 active patent families, 6040 that are no longer active, and 2646 pending. This impressive collection underscores Johnson & Johnson‘s significant global influence and its unwavering commitment to advancing products across various sectors.

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How Many Patents Johnson & Johnson’s Have?

What Did The Patent Landscape of Johnson & Johnson Look Like?

This Pie Chart Shows the number of active, pending and dead patents.

Johnson & Johnson’s have 9572 alive and 6040 dead patent families.

How Many Patents Did Johnson & Johnson’s File Every Year?

What Did The Patent Landscape of Johnson & Johnson Look Like?

How Many Johnson & Johnson‘s Patents File in Different Countries? 

Johnson & Johnson patents are filed in numerous countries, reflecting its international presence and the strategic importance of protecting its inventions across the globe. The Johnson & Johnson countries list 2023 includes major markets where Johnson & Johnson operates and maintains its retail market leadership. 

IPC Classification Wise Patent Trends by Food Technology Domain

IPC Classification 


Control or safety arrangements  


Seats specially adapted for vehicles; Arrangement or mounting of seats in vehicles  


Separation of gases or vapours; Recovering vapours of volatile solvents from gases; Chemical or biological purification of waste gases, e.g. engine exhaust gases, smoke, fumes, flue gases or aerosols  


Catalysts comprising metals or metal oxides or hydroxides, not provided for in group B01J21/00  


Details common to, or for air-conditioning, air-humidification, ventilation or use of air currents for screening  


Medicinal preparations containing organic active ingredients  


Room units for air-conditioning, e.g. separate or self-contained units or units receiving primary air from a central station  


Optical parts  


Cosmetics or similar toilet preparations  


Pumps specially adapted for elastic fluids  


Johnson and Johnson patents are diverse, covering a range of IPC classifications from Control or safety arrangements (F24F11) to Pumps specially adapted for elastic fluids (F04C18). Johnson and Johnson stats reveal that the company not only focuses on current technological needs but also paves the way for future advancements.

Emerging Trends in J&J’s Technology: A Comparative View


(F24F11) – Thermal and Environmental Control 

(F24F13) – Microfluidics 

Focus of Innovation 

Energy-efficient heating, and cooling technologies, Advanced thermal management materials, Integration of renewable energy sources for thermal control, Smart sensors and controls for optimizing environmental conditions. 

Microfluidic chip design, and fabrication techniques, Integration of sensors and actuators on microfluidic platforms, Development of novel materials for microfluidic applications (e.g., biocompatible polymers, nanomaterials),  Machine learning and AI for fluid flow control, and analysis. 

Key Technological Advancements 

Development of new heat pump technologies with higher efficiency, Phase change materials for thermal storage, and regulation, Advanced insulation materials for building and industrial applications, IoT-enabled thermal management systems with real-time monitoring, and control. 

Microfluidic chip design with improved functionalities (e.g., mixing, separation, valving), Miniaturized and high-performance sensors and actuators for microfluidics, Biocompatible and biodegradable materials for microfluidic devices, Machine learning algorithms for optimizing microfluidic processes, and predicting flow behavior. 

Top Patent Filing Subcategories (Estimated) 

Heat pump technologies, Phase change materials, Advanced insulation materials, IoT-based thermal management systems. 

Microfluidic chip design, Microfluidic sensors and actuators, Biocompatible materials for microfluidics, Machine learning for microfluidics. 

Impact on Industries 

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, Building and construction, Electronics and automotive industries, Data centers and server farms, Renewable energy integration. 

Diagnostics (point-of-care testing, personalized medicine), Drug discovery and development, Biotechnology and bioengineering, Lab automation and microanalysis,  Environmental monitoring and food safety. 

Projected Future Trends 

Continued development of sustainable and energy-efficient thermal control solutions, Integration of artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance and optimized performance, Miniaturization and decentralization of thermal management systems, Utilization of waste heat for energy recovery and reuse. 

Integration of microfluidics with other miniaturized technologies (e.g., lab-on-a-chip), Development of microfluidic devices for organ-on-a-chip applications, Advancements in 3D printing for microfluidic chip fabrication, Microfluidics for on-demand manufacturing and personalized medicine.  

Comparing different aspects of Johnson and Johnson patents, such as Thermal and Environmental Control and Microfluidics, highlights the company’s foresight in areas like machine learning and quantum computing. These trends are indicative of where Johnson and Johnson inventions are steering the future of technology.   

Notable Publications and Citation Frequency

The Chart below depicts the patents with most number of forward citations. These patents are likely to be the source of advancement in the domain and can be considered as valuable and core inventions. 

What Did The Patent Landscape of Johnson & Johnson Look Like?


Johnson & Johnson boasts a robust patent portfolio patent portfolio with a strong focus on innovation and future-oriented technologies. Their inventions cover a wide range of areas, from traditional healthcare products to cutting-edge advancements in thermal and environmental control and microfluidics.

The company’s strategic use of machine learning and other emerging trends positions them as a leader in shaping the future of technology. Analyzing highly cited patents reveals valuable insights into their core inventions and areas of significant contribution.

Note: This Data is extracted from 2013 to 2023. 

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