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The Horasis India Meeting will be held on 25-26 June 2017 at Interlaken, Switzerland. Ms. Komal Sharma Talwar will be sharing the panel targeting the Globalization of Indian Firms along with the representatives of leading companies of India such as Ravin Group, Jetline Group of Companies, Ethos, BX Berne Exchange, Samvardhana Motherson Group, PI Industries, and Great ship India. 

I am looking forward to learning and meeting exceptional Indian leaders from diverse business fields”, Ms. Komal expresses her enthusiasm for this new opportunity which would aid in accelerating TTC to new summits.

Horasis is a global visions community that engages corporations from around the world to make vital adjustments today to begin preparing for the future. The India Meeting would encrust many facets of the Indian economy and its rapid transformation into a globally oriented economy.

TTC and XLPAT (now XLSCOUT) labs are located in Union Territory Chandigarh. But it has flexed its arms around the world in a short span of ten years. They cater to primarily international clients which are among the fortune 500 companies and provide their solutions to the top universities around the globe. 

Ms. Komal Sharma Talwar was invited by the Ambassador of India in Switzerland at the Indo-Swiss Investment and Innovation Forum in Lausanne, Switzerland to represent XLSCOUT’s innovative solutions and she was also at the panel discussion on Partnerships and Commercialization of Technology. 

TTC represented India at the World Economic Forum at DeVos, 2017. They Received the “Start Tel Aviv – India Finals” award organized by the Embassy of Israel proliferating automation and the world’s largest database, XLSCOUT. 

They also received the “Pick a start-up” at DLD Tel Aviv 2016 in Israel where more than 200 international companies pitched to a distinguished jury consisting of leadership from Google, Intel Ventures, Chairperson of DLD. 

TT Consultants and XLSCOUT representatives recently are attended the 4th World IP Forum,2017. Team Expat – TT Consultants also attended IPBC China in Beijing in April 2017 with a vision to promote Automation in IP using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning-based Patent Search and analytics tools.

Intellectual Property is an asset to the Indian economy. TTC aligns with the idea of global business leaders as it constantly strives towards gaining overseas experience and augmenting global strategic thinking. 

Harboring innovation and streamlining unconventional ideas has been our prime objective. We provide our services and solutions to companies worldwide to revolutionize IP and innovation. 

XLSCOUT is a one-stop smart solution that has been developed by our IP experts which has the potential to restyle the entire IP experience of the user. XLSCOUT provides its solutions to the international tycoons of the IP industry and also to universities. Empowered by numerous awards and recognition TTC group escalates to become a numero Uno IP leader.


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