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Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things! 

At TT Consultants, we try to present our efficiency in the most effective manner. 

Prior Art searches play a crucial role in patent litigation or infringement cases. Recently, TT Consultants was approached by a Life Science Business Giant for an expedited invalidation search. 

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Understanding The Patent USXXX 

The idea behind the patented concept was modification in Toner Particle formulation, our client wished to challenge the patent rights of his competitor for all the 3 independent claims and the twist was all of them were different from each other. 

Claim 1: Method Based 
Claim 2: Process Based 
Claim 3: Material Based 

Bottlenecks Encountered 

We were sure about finding close prior arts for all the 3 claims, little did we know trials and tribulations were yet to come. As the search began, we realized it was difficult to control the hit count, and without decreasing the hit count, it would have been impossible to break the novelty of all claims in just 35 hours as such an enormous count would have ample number of junk results as well. 

We did not leave any stone unturned in the hope of being able to decrease the hit count but achieved no success. After applying our strategies in the best way possible, we seemed to have reached a dead-end.  

The time was running out of our hands, and the zero-result bucket brought panic to the team. 

The Ray Of Hope 

All the roads seemed to take the same curve, then came our in-house tool XLSCOUT, our ultimate rescuer. The patent number was fed to our Generative Artificial Intelligence based tool XLSCOUT’s INVALIDATOR, which allowed us to choose our desired claim number to be invalidated, for which automated key features were formed, which were further edited by our experts for better results. The Invalidator generated results in a wellcurated manner which were extremely close to our patented concept. 

Into The Working Of XLSCOUT Invalidator 

As soon as the publication number was fed to the invalidator, the cut-off date was chosen automatically, and key features were generated by our Artificial Intelligence, to which the searcher only had to add in modifications by means of adding key concepts if needed. In a blink, it was all done, the best of the best results were displayed out of which the searcher just had to find the most relevant results. XLSCOUT Invalidator helped us save a great deal of time. When projects with fewer budget hours come up, time management is one of our priorities, even if that means saving a minute or two in each step of the workflow. Invalidator helped us do so, it saved us time in a phenomenal manner.  

And that’s when we with the help of XLSCOUT found a few extremely effective results, keeping up with the result efficiency rate of TT Consultants. 


Every project teaches us something new and learning is an iterative process. For instance, this situation showed us how our hybrid services are a boon in keeping up with an effective efficiency, and that’s what makes us different. Our team of subject matter experts work tirelessly to streamline your process at your pace and get the most out of your resources, assisted by our in-house tool XLSCOUT.  

So, this was one of the thousands of cases where TT Consultants delivered excellence through Insights! 

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