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Patent News Round-up (Asia-Pacific)

ITC to Investigate Nvidia Patent Complaint Against Samsung
The United States International Trade Commission voted Monday to investigate patent complaints against chip manufacturer Qualcomm and Samsung. The organization will determine whether particular devices from Samsung, such as the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and….Read more

Why did Modi agree to give away India’s patent sovereignty to Americans?
With the hype of his Madison Square Garden show overshadowing everything else, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit was dubbed as a great bilateral victory for India. As the popular consensus went, Modi wowed both the Indian Americans and American politicians and even managed to get a joint op-ed article with President Barack Obama in the Washington Post stressing the importance of the partnership between the two countries…Read more

The Dangers of the Indian Government’s Flirtation with U.S. Pharma and the Risks for India’s Coherent, Pro-Public Health IP Policy
India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and his delegation, who have been visiting the U.S. for the first time, have spent considerable time and energy in courting U.S. business interests.  On Monday, September 29, the Indian PM met with 17 chief executives of major U.S. companies in joint and individual meetings and on September 30 he met with the U.S.-India Business Council comprising over 300 top U.S. companies.  Prime Minister Modi is promising to open India to more direct foreign investment and to further liberalize the Indian economy to make it easier for multinational corporations to operate there….Read more 

Hero Motocorp files patent to launch its bikes in USA
Hero MotoCorp is now ready to launch its range of motorcycles and scooters in the US. The Indian company has commenced filing of trademarks for 8 of its models with the US Patent and Trademark Office….Read more 

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