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Whether you’re an inventor or an examiner at the patent office, having a little assist to test for novelty doesn’t hurt. As an investor, you can have hundreds of thoughts however not as much resource as you want to return them all. As an examiner, there are hundreds of packages awaiting your approval to be patented. How a whole lot of previous art can you comb through alone?

This need for an aid-saving device is real. Inventors recognize it, and so do patent offices across the world.

Having detailed research about the threads & Opportunity may lead you to a better position to target.

  • State-of-Art or Patentibility Search
  • Technology/Company Landscape
  • Technology Scouting
  • FTO or Clearance Search for your Product
  • Drafting Citations
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Top Players in the market

Here’s how Patent Offices around the world have made AI a part of their process. 

Patent Office Use of AI
IP Australia
Patent Auto Classification (PAC) tool which aims to analyze the contents of patent applications and predict relevant technology groups enabling prioritization and allocation to appropriate patent examiner sections.
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Commercially available semantic search tools for assistance in prior art searches and citations.
European Patent Office
Have developed business solutions using machine learning and AI for patent classification at various degrees of implementation for patent classification and prior art search.
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