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TT Consultants announced today that it has brought in automation and big data analytics to Patent and Technology landscapes using XLPAT. Users will now be able to get a handle on data, use powerful tools to identify licensees, products, technologies, and experts of Interest.

We call it “democratization of data”, said Sandeep Kohli, the inventor of the set of tools. We will now enable users to get relevant datasets, set parameters, and iteratively analyze large sets of Patent data.

Our focus on the services side is on not just technical data but also market, financial, and product data. Moreover, we are continually tracking new product releases, tracking what products are using what technology, and what patents are being infringed.

With XLPAT, we now have the capability to track infringements of large sets of Patents with large sets of Products with Part automation and part manual sophisticated techniques.

Our technologies and services enable you to

  •   Identify the Gem in a patent portfolio
  •   Identify products that would map a portfolio
  •   Identify Companies to acquire OR companies that would be interested in a Patent Portfolio
  •   Identify fast moving companies in a technology domain
  •   Identify Research and Development opportunities
  •   Marketing your R and D

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