Whether AI can automate the standard workflow of Patent Search and Analytics?

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A standard process is followed by experts in different organizations to perform IP searches regularly. Complex search strings are prepared by understanding the context of the invention and using other critical information such as classification, active assignee, citation analysis, etc. Generally, this kind of operation needs prior experience, database knowledge and expertise in the specific area of technology.

Currently, every industry is adopting Artificial Intelligence to shed their regular work on intelligent machines. Similarly, in the IP industry, users seek answers to specific questions as soon as possible by avoiding the need to follow standard search processes.

Considering that, XLPAT outspent their focus and energy for layering in AI in its algorithms to automate insight or interpretation from raw technology data. The company’s primary focus is to automate the standard workflow of IP searches. Experts at XLPAT have developed intelligent algorithms by sourcing 12+ years of experience from manual counterpart TT Consultants and customizing GOOGLE AI, IBM Watson for specific use cases. Recently, the in-house R&D team has developed a Machine learning model trained with 200+ machine hours which made the machine capable of learning from 100 GB of processed data and developing an instinct of an expert searcher.

Derwent at PIUG 2018 has also recognized XLPAT for its focused approach and automating the standard process of IP searches such as novelty, FTO, etc.

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