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Komal Talwar (Founder – XLPAT Labs) won the national round of Israel’s business capital, for this year’s Start Tel Aviv – Israel, a global competition celebrating women entrepreneurship. The event took place in Gurgaon and was attended by Israel’s ambassador Daniel Carmon. Five other Indian finalists participated in the event. Komal Talwar will now join the founders from 22 other nations at the final event in Israel. 

A five day brainstorming meet will take place from September 25 to 29, which is meant to connect with potential customers, founders, partners, and industry leaders. Lectures and workshops with Israeli investors/professionals will be some highlights of the event. 

XLPAT Labs: It is the world’s most comprehensive technology database, having a collection of (patents and non-patents/research papers etc.) from more than 120 countries across the globe. XLPAT uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics and machine learning techniques, to fetch quick competitive business insights hidden multiple layers beneath the raw data. Combined with interactive and dynamic visualization of all data, the automations introduced by the XLPAT platform, will help overcome the traditional, manual intensive and time consuming techniques of technology analysis.

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